• Resources

  • Billing
    Contact the DU Bursar's Office
    Tuition and Fees
    Information located on the DU Registrar Website
    See information under "Leave of Absence" under the Student Resources Tab
    Access unofficial transcripts and order official transcripts via PioneerWeb
    Instructions located on the DU Registrar Website
    Diplomas and Certificates
    Mailed by DU Registrar 6-8 weeks after end of graduation term
    Contact the DU Registrar with questions 

    Appointed Faculty
    See faculty profiles on GSSW's website

    Adjunct Faculty
    See Faculty Archive  COMING SOON

    GSSW Syllabus Archive

    Enrollment, GPA, and Degree Verifications
    Students should complete the verification request form located under the student tab of PioneerWeb.  Information about this process, as well as sample verifications, are located here as well. 
    Additional Verifications
    The GSSW Registrar can complete verifications for current students and alumni, including: 
         * Social work licensure
         * School social work licensure endorsement
         * Federal loan papwork
    Please submit forms to gsswregistrar@du.edu. Note: If requesting a letter, be sure to include all relevant information, including content required and recipient name and contact information.
    Withdrawing from a class
    Students can withdraw themselves from classes through week 6 via via the Registration Platform in PioneerWeb.  Instructor approval is not required.
    Note: if dropping all courses for the quarter, students must follow the same process as those withdrawing from GSSW (see below).
    Withdrawing from all classes
    Students who wish to withdraw from all of their classes for any reason (including those who decide to defer their admission) should complete the withdrawl form located under the student tab of PioneerWeb.

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