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    Description:  International social work is a discrete field of practice within social work that seeks to improve the social and material well-being of people everywhere. It is practiced across geopolitical borders and at all levels of social and economic organization. International social work also is development-focused in areas such as child rights, foreign assistance, gender equity, healthcare, immigration & refugee rights, environmental justice, and human rights.

    Typical Career path:  MSW 

    Sample Job Titles: Research Associate, Policy Associate, Climate/Energy/Environmental Program Specialist,

    Licensure:  A clinical license is not required for most entry-level positions.  Most operate successfully with their MSW degree credentials.


    • NASW (National Association of Social Workers) - NASW & Co-Chapter
    • Council of Social Work Education (CSWE), Commission on Global Social Work - CSWE
    • IFSW (International Federation of Social Workers) - IFSW
    • ISPP (The International Society of Sustainability Professionals) – ISPP

    LinkedIn Groups – Virtual networking forums and groups certainly provide value within corporate enterprise.  Consider following several groups for trends, networking opportunities, job connections and more!

    • Social Work Research and Evaluation Practice Group – International
    • National Association of Social Workers – NASW’s Official Group
    • University of Denver:  Graduate School of Social Work

    Salary Statistics:  

    There are a number of salary scales available online; however, these resources are recommended.  The US Dept of Labor does not recognize a specific category for International Social Work.

    Additional salary tools that can assist from a specific agency or organization, for instance:

    • PCO – DU/GSSW Career Platform contains employer & salary information reported from GSSW graduates
    • LinkedIn - Salary Finder

    Job Boards:  Most often social workers find job opportunities directly on the website of the organization in which they have an interest in working.  Additionally, these job boards also provide opportunities within this career field including:

    Additionally, a number of individuals entering this area of the field consider Post-MSW Fellowships

    Video Resources

        International Rescue Committee Information Session - Event Recording 

        Peace Corps Employer Information Session - Event Recording

    Additional Resources:

         Undoc HelpSome individuals interested in international populations are also interested working with immigration rights/refugee populations within          the states.  This resource connects Colorado's Undocumented Community to meaninful support services.

    Resource Links:


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