• Job Search

    From organizing your search and finding opportunities, to planning for the interview and following up afterwards.  Successful searches are strategized!

    Step-by-step Guide to Job Searching During COVID-19 - This resource is a one-stop guide to get your started in the right direction in preparing for your job search during the pandemic.

    Marketing Plan - As you reach out to your network, make sure you have a specific career direction.  Have a specific reason why you are reaching out to your contact with a specific request.  The more directive you can be with your career direction, the easier it is for your network to help!

    Mind Mapping - Make sure that your job search considers ALL opportunities of interest.  While you may have expertise in a narrow part of the field, your skills are far reaching.

    Job Search Log -  Initally it's easy to remember where you've applied and what stage you are at with each interview.  However in difficult economic times, job searches can take a little longer, so it is recommended to use tools like this to stay organized.


  • Interview

    When it comes to a successful interview, practice makes perfect!  Don't wait until you've been invited to meet with the employer of your dreams - practice in advance with multiple people, use Big Interview or meet with your Career Development Advisor. 

    BIG Interview GUIDE - Online Interview practice.  Use this resource to practice your interview or record yourself answering a few questions and send the video directly to your career development advisor.

    VIRTUAL INTERVIEW GUIDE - There are a number of virtual platforms used for online interviews and assessments; however, use this resource to successfully navigate your virtual interview.  

     Mock Interview - Want practice with a mock virtual interview?  Set up an appointment with your Career Development Advisor through PCO.


  • Informational Interviews

    While some areas of social work are incredibly busy, many have time to dedicate to the up-incoming work force.  It's smart to reach out virtually and try to schedule time with your network, human resource coordinators or recruiters.  A phone call, email or zoom chat now, can assist you when you apply for future positions.

    Informational Interviews Guide

    Tutorial:  How to make the most of Your Informational Interview

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