• PhD Registration

    This page contains registration content specific to the PhD program.   

    Please be sure to check the General Resources Tab for information about how to register for classes and more. 

  • General FAQ's that apply to ALL GSSW students, here. 
  • Upcoming Registration Dates
    Fall Quarter 2021: Monday, May 10
    Winter Quarter 2022: Monday, October 25, 2021
    Spring Quarter 2022: Monday, February 14, 2022
  • Registration Tools

    Please review the following documents before you register. Looking for lists of your degree requirements?  Check out the PhD handbook, located in the PhD tab of the Student Resource Portal.  


    Registration Checklist

    GSSW COURSE SCHEDULES *** PioneerWeb is the most up-to-date***

    Please note all schedules are subject to change.  

    PhD Fall 2021 Schedule New as of 07/15/2021

    PhD Winter 2022 Schedule   

    PhD Spring 2022 Schedule  

    • View Online Course Schedule for real-time enrollment and faculty information
    • Tips for viewing in PionnerWeb:
      • Use attribute: "Social Work: Denver" to see your programs classes
      • 5000 classes are PhD, 4000 classes are MSW


    Use can use the below as a guide for future quarters: 

    PhD Winter 2021 Schedule    

    PhD Spring 2021 Schedule

  • Ph.D Program Core Course Requirements

  • Helpful Shortcuts

    Academic Calendars


         Independent Study Request Form (PhD)

         Teaching Practicum Request Form

    PhD Program Tab 


  • Trying to register for a class in another department? Below are some tips:
    • You may be able to register on your own. Each department places different restrictions on their classes. Give that a try first. 

    If not, try the below:

    • Reach out to the professor and ask permission to take their class. Explain which program you are in and your research focus.
    • If the professor approves, please forward the email to Adela Smith, Registrar GSSW. Adela will work with each department to get you registered in the class.
  • RMS Classes

    If you are interested in taking RMS classes for the Fall 2021 term. Email your name, 87#, class name, and CRN # you wish to take to Karen F. LeVelle at Karen.LeVelle@du.edu, Academic Services Associate for Morgridge College of Education.

    Here is a link to the RMS Course Information Portal


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