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  • Fall 2021 Field Internship Registration Directions

    All sections of your Field Internship classes are tied to your Liaison, who is listed as the instructor. There are several sections of field internship classes.

    During the Fall Quarter, you will need to register for section 201 of your Field Internship class. Section 201 is a generic section of the Field Internship classes. Below is the class information including the CRN that you will use to register properly.   

    Why do I register for a generic section of Field Internship class during the Fall Quarter?

    When students register for the Fall Quarter, their field placement may not yet be finalized. For tuition purposes, students need to be registered in a Field Internship class. To solve this issue, we create a generic section of the Field Internship class with the correct amount of credits.* When your tuition bills generate, you are in the correct amount of credits despite the fact that your field placement may not be finalized. 

    *Unless you are on a Field Exceptions Form. In which case, the GSSW Office of the Registrar adjust your credits to match your Field Exceptions Form.

    What happens after I register for the generic section?

    As your internship placements are confirmed, you are assigned a field liaison. The Field Office provides the GSSW Office of the Registrar a list of all students and their field liaisons. We then manually drop section 201 of your Field Internship class and add the section that is tied to your liaison. We do this all in the background. It does not affect your record or tuition.

    How do I register in the Winter and Spring quarters?

    For the Winter and Spring quarters, there will be no generic section of your Field Internship classes. You will register yourself in the correct section that is tied to your field liaison. We will provide directions on how to look up your section of Field Internship.

    When in doubt…ask! We are here to help. Gsswregistrar@du.edu

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