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  • Multisystemic Overview

  • A family's experience with my co-worker, Julie Brown

  • Roca CBT - an explanation

  • Savio House

    MST therapist

    July 2020 - October for 2021

  • Previous Work

  • Eikos Community Services Inc.

    Medication Administrator, House Coordinator, Counselor

    June '17 - May '18

    Eikos is a private residential facility, providing a home to adults ages 30 – 75, who have severe mental illnesses, predominately schizophrenia.

    I conducted therapy in the milieu and led activity groups to allow our clients to fill their free time. I also administered medication and coordinated with doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies while advocating for our clients to ensure they received the best possible care. As a counselor, I supported residents during active psychosis and practiced motivational interviewing. As the house-coordinator for two residences, I acted as the go-to person regarding client’s living environments, their increased independence, and any interpersonal issues.

  • Roca Inc.

    Volunteer Educator

    Roca’s programming meets young people where they are, cognitively and behaviorally. All of Roca’s programming is designed to withstand the comings and goings of high-risk young people who have failed in traditional learning environments. Our life skills, educational, and employment programming are offered in various informal and formal structures, from repeat drop-in sessions to full certificate courses. This allows young people at varying stages of readiness to learn critical skills as they progress through the Intervention Model. Even by taking a single class, young people start experiencing what it is like to do an action that advances themselves. These experiences help them gradually move from not contemplating change to planning for change an acting towards it. Over time, Stage-Based Programming expands participants’ skill sets considerably and keeps them moving forward.

    Our CBT curriculum addresses the specific needs of high-risk young adults, teaching them how to “think different to act different”. CBT allows our young people to develop emotional literacy and overcome behavioral barriers so they can build skills and live fuller lives. The curriculum consists of 10 skills, deliverable in classrooms, in the car, on the street, or wherever the need arises, through short sessions of up to 30-45 minutes. In addition to CBT, life skills programming includes substance abuse groups, healthy habits classes and parenting classes.

  • Parent Professional Advocacy League

    Research and Outreach Intern for PPAL 

    Parent/Professional Advocacy League is a statewide, grassroots family organization that advocates for improved access to mental health services for children, youth and their families. PPAL’s goals are to support families, nurture parent leaders and work for systems change. PPAL is the only Massachusetts organization whose work focuses solely on the interests of families whose children have mental health needs. Founded in 1991, PPAL continues to work on behalf of children, youth and families as a critical voice shaping policy and practice.

  • University of Texas Health Center

    Pre-Baccalaureate Trainee

    Summer 2014

    Assisted in research on multipotent stem cells after traumatic brain injuries in Dr. Supinder Bedi's lab via the Department of Pediatric Surgery.

  • Eikos in the winter

  • Flowers to brighten the residents' day

  • A participant brought their puppy into my classroom.

  • Outside of the Roca Lynn building with a participant

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