• Career-Related

  • Foundational Knowledge: Much of my time is occupied by my work. When I am at home, it's not uncommon for my partner to gently tell me it's time to relax and let school go. I have a passion for helping the students I work with-- every delayed response is time I am delaying from their engagement. Every interaction is a chance to make a personal connection, to be a resource, to just be present for our students. The foundational knowledge from University of Denver in terms of my career is to apply theoretical frameworks where you can and with as much community feedback as possible in systems characterized and defined by their disorganization.


  • Staff & USG Time

  • Creating A Student Org Pipeline From Scratch

    Application & Integration & Learning How to Learn: University of Denver in particular has been marked by transition– when our department of Student Engagement suffered from staff attrition (leaving myself as the sole staff member) as well as the closing of our student organization platform, I saw the gap in institutional practice and student needs– namely an organizing system for Registered Student Organizations. I took it upon myself to catalog pre-existing organizations, reach out to individual student leaders to collect missing information that had not been documented by previous administrations, as well as to create a system for newer organizations to begin this registration process (informed by what I was learning in the classroom). When on-boarding of the next iteration of administrative staff began, our department was able to use this catalog I created to identify student leadership, publicize information on various web portals and platforms. Much of my position was determining how to best help students with no frameworks in place. While my position as a graduate assistant was traditionally one-year occupancy, I made myself invaluable to the position and to my new supervisors by identifying gaps during institutional leadership change and seeking to bridge them and inform my new staff to the best of my ability, which led to my securing of the position for two years. Within this role, I oversaw a budget of 50K to implement late-night programming. Provided below are snapshots of the outlined process I created with the help of the Student Org Committee; below that is a public-facing document that an organization had prior to the implementation of this pipeline and the same organization's documentation after the implementation of this pipeline.

  • Advocating for Myself In The Work Environment

    Human Dimension & Caring/Valuing: The document below is what I prepared and read to an employer who advised me against doing the Join-In activity as well as research informing my decision. I felt it was important for the students of USG to have the opportunity to be trusted with their feelings and to communicate them with each other. We were able to compromise and create an activity that valued my facilitation skills as well as her years of experience at the institution.

  • Professional Development Plan

  • Pursuing Future Employment: My professional development plan is built around my experiences and hopes. I hope to find work in the field of higher education, my search is confined to Colorado. With the cost of the program, moving out here, inequitable pay practices for graduate assistants, as well as an internship that costs money to partake in...I don't have a lot of options available to me for moving or interviewing or have the luxury of flying to a new interview spot each week. I have hopes that one day I'll be able to work and survive on a salary from a department pertaining to: Student Engagment, Living/Learning Centers, gender and sexuality-based centers, or Residential Life. These jobs invigorate me as they provide student contact and opportunities to enact theory within practice. Having the opportunity to work in a living/learning center I believe provides the best way for students to live together, work with faculty, and participate in activities they enjoy connected to theory through guiding frameworks provided by the institution and its actors. Developing understanding from residential life will allow me a more-well-rounded understanding of different housing operations that may dictate the running of living/learning communities, which I hope to one day work in consistently, particularly with members of queer communities. I'm looking forward to not being contracted to work 25 hours and working nearly 40 on some weeks...just working 40-50 hours a week is ideal.  I am looking forward to finding an environment where my co-workers don't call me by the wrong pronouns and gender in class. I want to find an environment where the centricity of the insitution is left because "the left" is exactly what I and people like me so often are-- Left. Left out, leftover, left to sleep. I want to find an institution where I don't feel "left" but feel center(ed), feel normal(ed). I want to exist in a place, I want...actually, I'll leave it at that. "I want to exist in a place." In that place, I want to examine student demands. At nearly every institution, they exist. These are our students' wants right in front of us, and I want to find works to weave their demands into my work at every opportunity.

    Education & Degrees: I don't forsee myself pursuing any additional degrees at this point in time. I have high hopes that a position in the future will allow me the benefit of taking courses through the institution. I love being able to learn...if I want a non-engaging-but-still-involved course I can find a lecture hall, if I want more intimate conversations, I can seek smaller course-sizes. I'm looking forward to exploring institutions outside of University of Denver so that I can experience a multitude of different organizational structures. Sharing knowledge with my partner brings me happiness. Bringing insights to my students from my learning brings me happiness.

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