• What Are The Next Steps?

  • With further development of the accessible bike clip, we hope to create a manufacturing process for a full metal version of the cleat. We hope to have a metal model manufactured for us. To help accomplish this goal we have reached out to companies as well as local machine shops with hopes to get them involved in the production of the cleat. 

  • Our team has reached out to Shimano through email with hopes that they would want to get involved with the future of this project. Shimano Inc. is a Japanese multinational manufacturer of cycling components, fishing tackle, and rowing equipment. It produced golf supplies until 2005 and snowboarding gear until 2008. 

    We are still awaiting a response from a representative from Shimano.

  • RapidMade is a local machine shop in Denver and they have expressed interest in helping to create a metal version of the bike cleat in order to make a product that can actually be used. Within the coming week, they will contact us with a price estimate for materials and labor. 

  • We have also connected with several other machine shops in Denver. Hopefully, we will be able to receive competitive offers for the fabrication of the cleat. Xometry allows us to connect with thousands of machine shops around the country.

  • Project Reflection and Meeting Goals

    Throughout the project, the team gained a great deal of experience in human-centered design. The project taught us the importance of involving the people you are making a product for in the design process. The final bike clip design would have been very different had we not met with Susanna multiple times throughout the process. Because we ask her for her thoughts and what she and her fellow amputees would need out of the new accessible clip, the clip became something completely different then what our original designs entailed. Moving away from electricity was a step that we have Susanna to thank for. The project also taught us that it's never too late for a good idea. Due to Susanna's health, we were not able to meet with her until much later then we had wished. Originally part of the monoski group, the interview with Susanna took place well into the design of the ski seat. However, Ryan and Emma were inspired by Susanna and felt there was a big opportunity to impact a group of athletes with an accessible bike clip. We learned that sometimes the design process doesn't go as planned, but that's ok. 

    The team was not able to completely meet our goals of the project. While we were able to create a clip that worked once or twice, we found all our prototypes to have failed or broken. However, all our work was not for nothing. We are planning to move forward with our designs as described above and are excited about the future. The design we have is something that Susanna and many of her friends are very excited about, and that in itself is a success. With new materials and outside help, we are hopeful we can make a successful prototype in the near future. 

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