• Solidworks design of t-slotted profile

  • From the mini prototype, we decided to saw in half the full sized seat and put into a full sized T-slotted profile with fixing features that we found through a company used 8020. This helped us to better visualize our options for creating a design that would cover the center gap. 

  • The Process
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    Team member Kyle sawing the monoski seat in half using a dremel. 

  • Several approaches were attempted in finding a solution to the gap in the seat. We considered using a fabric system that would be pulled taut for the location that the seat was fixed in to create a rigid body, but we were concerned about a person's weight shifting back and forth with the system during turning in monoskiing. Furthermore, we considered creating plastic inserts that would be cut to specific sizes depending on how wide the seat is. Neither of these ideas presented a solution that would maintain the current comfort and independence of a monoski while increasing the ability of a person to fit perfectly into the seat. 

  • Final Prototype

    The final prototype eliminated all of the previous concerns by profiling the seat in three pieces. One piece would be a semi-hollow middle section that the two side pieces would slide into and be fixed with a pin connection to hold them in place.  The design was created in Solidworks and 3D printed for proof of concept. 

  • Solidworks design of final prototype

  • Solidworks import of 3D scanned monoski seat.

  • Side profile of 3D printed seat and sliding track

  • Full sized prototype fixed in enlarged position. 

  • Moving Forward

    The next prototype needed to resolve the mistakes of the previous prototype: 

       -No gap in the middle of the seat

       -Little to no extra material on the sides, bottom, and back of the monoski for reasons like loading the chairlift and falling on one's side while skiing

       -Maintain individiual independence and joy of the sport 

  • 3D printed final prototype.

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