• Writ Engagement Corps

  • Freshman year I joined a pilot program at the University of Denver called Writ Engagement Corps, an organization "dedicated to providing literacy outreach and support in local schools". WEC's goal is to attract college students who are interested in education and help them connect with local classrooms. We have partnered with two schools, Asbury Elementary and Grant Beacon Middle School, where we volunteer weekly to get hands on experience with curriculum building, creative writing, and young students. Both of these schools have students who are considered low-income and/or students who identify as minorities. This program is one of the reasons why I was initially attracted to Teach For America; I am so passionate about educational equity and saw what a difference it makes for students when you truly invest in them. I think back to the teachers that were most dedicated to my success as a student, and I could not be more thankful that they took the time to help me reach my fullest potential.

    -- The picture seen here was a gift from Ms. Natalie's 2nd grade students at Asbury Elementary. I volunteered with these students twice a week during their writing/reading block.

  • Charter School Institute

  • During my junior year, I began reflecting heavily on the fact that I had yet to learn about charter schools, a significant variable in the modern American school system and education policy in the United States. Growing up in the traditional public school system and attending a private institution for college, I had little knowledge about charter schools. The Public Policy Department provided its majors and minors with the opportunity to engage with the Colorado Charter School Institue as an intern, so I jumped on it. Upon returning from abroad, I started interning under the Director of Legal and Policy Initiatives at CSI. I gained invaluable knowledge about how charter schools operate day-to-day and have more refined knowledge of the education system because of it.

  • Click here for more insight into my experience at CSI

  • Teach For America

  • From the moment Teach For America's early enrollment opened, I was confident this was the way I wanted to spend my first two years out of college. After working at the Colorado State Capitol as an intern for the Education Committee Chairman, I knew that if I truly wanted to go into education policy one day, I would spend some years in the classroom first. Being a member of the 2018 Denver Corps means that I will have a daily reminder about my role as a 'change agent' for each and every one of my students. I hope that I can guide them in the same ways I have been guided through my years at the University of Denver, and encourage them on their path to success in the future. Personally, I hope to grow and absorb knowledge about the long-run influence of Colorado's education policy and use it to address inequities that exist within the K-12 education system.  


  • TFA Sample Teach

    Click here to watch the sample teach video I created when applying for potential positions in Denver Public Schools.

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