• Future Women In Government Conference

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    Get to Know the 24%: Representative Victoria Steele

  • Public Policy: Getting Results Inside the Beltway

  • This picture was taken during a trip to Washington, D.C. for a travel course offered by the Public Policy department with Professor Richard Caldwell. Having never been to D.C., but a strong desire to, this course heped me realize my long-term goal of ending up back there one day, pushing for change in the American education system. 

    -- This picture was taken during a 'rogue' tour of the United States Supreme Court. We are standing in the basketball court located directly above the courtroom. 

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  • Colorado State Capitol Intern

  • Political Science Internship: Final Paper

    This paper culminates my experience as an intern at the Colorado State Capitol, where I worked under the late Representative John Buckner. Representative Buckner was chair of the education committee. This was my first introduction to education policy, and the beginning stages of development for my passion towards it. 

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