• What's Next?

  • A recent graduate, I recieved the invitation for this project while celebrating with friends over happy hour. I was intrigued, but nervous to accept the invite because I knew I would be undergoing brain surgery the following week. Recovering after surgery, I got extremely behind on deadlines and ended up pushing this project into its final moments, as I was often unable to get out of bed, let alone focus on my computer screen. While it was not a course I was registered for, and having no real consequences for backing out, I thought about all the reasons I should persevere. This ePortfolio is more than just a "look at me and all I've done" project. Instead, it allowed me to reflect deeply on the person I have developed into over the years.

    My time at the University of Denver has helped shape me into the person I did not know I wanted to be when I arrived here almost four years ago. I am leaving a more confident intellectual, I have found my voice, and I have developed a passion that has propelled me into the beginning steps of a career. This project gave me the opportunity to see how all my experiences are interconnected, and ultimately lead to long term decisions for my future.

    I look forward to developing this ePortfolio further, in hopes of creating a similar project for my students in the coming years. It is so easy to forget all the good that has been created in such a short amount of time. This project has served as a time capsule for me, it gave me the opportunity to glance back at what I have accomplished and how those accomplishments have shaped me into the person I am becoming. 

This portfolio last updated: 30-May-2020 10:39 AM