• Self-development

  • First Year: Seminar on Private Troubles and Public Issues
  • In the process of deciding which artifacts to include, I was extremely hesistant about including this piece so early on in the ePortfolio. It is difficult to show others your weakest points. Having graduated near the top of my class in high school, I assumed I was overwhelmingly prepared for the academic rigor at the University of Denver...that proved to be untrue very quickly. Looking back almost four years later, this piece illustrates where I came from as a timid first-year student. I am forever grateful for Professor Robert Fusfeld who, still to this day, has served as a guide and mentor on my road to becoming the lifelong learner I am today. 

  • Fourth Year: Political Science Capstone on Democratic Erosion
  • I debated putting this piece in the 'Democratic Engagement' section, ultimately deciding it was more profound in this section because it shows the dynamic transformation that I have undergone over the last four years. The change is evident after reading even the first couple pages of these papers. Setting these posts side by side has helped me realize how far I have come as a writer and as student overall. The learning experience I recieved and created for myself here at the University of Denver drastically and positively impacted me and I hope to have a similar aspect on my future students. 

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