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    Hello, and welcome to my ePortfolio! I'm Courtney, and I am currently pursuing my M.A. in Higher Education. I attended Colorado State University (CSU) for my undergraduate education and majored in psychology. During my time at CSU, I discovered my passion for higher education through peer-mentoring first-year Honors students and tutoring introductory biology. At DU, I hold a graduate fellowship in the Office of Career & Professional Development, where I advise students one-on-one and run the Career Closet, a service for DU students in need of professional attire. I am hoping to land a role in undergraduate learning programs or academic advising after I complete this degree, and I am looking forward to discovering the next steps in my professional journey. Thanks for stopping by!


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  • The Higher Education department at DU conceptualizes "significant learning" in the program as occuring at the intersection of six learning outcomes:

    1. Foundational Knowledge: "Students will demonstrate foundational knowledge about higher education as modeled in the core curriculum. Students will demonstrate foundational knowledge about their specific interest area(s) (College Student Affairs; Public Policy and Organizational Change; and/or Diversity and Higher Learning)."
    2. Application: "Students will demonstrate a critical understanding of the values of diversity, equity and inclusion as exhibited by Inclusive Excellence and its applications. Students will demonstrate the ability to apply theory to practice."
    3. Integration: "Students will be able to connect and integrate materials from the curriculum, cocurriculum, and additional experiences as it relates to their personal and professional interests."
    4. Human Dimension: "Students will demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively with diverse groups and/or individuals in diverse settings. Students will express their personal and professional growth and development through critical reflection of their experiences in the program."
    5. Caring/Valuing: "Students will demonstrate the development of their personal and professional values."
    6. Learning How to Learn: "Students will demonstrate self-awareness and the strategies needed for continuing professional development."


    Please use the tabs on the lefthand side of the ePortfolio to learn more about my experiences in the higher education program as they relate to each of the six learning outcomes.

    (ePortfolio handbook, 2017)

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  • Higher Education Coursework

  • Required Courses:
    -Introduction to Higher Education
    -Issues of Access and Opportunity
    -Retention, Persistence, and Student Success in Postsecondary Settings
    -Educational Research and Measurement
    -Organization and Governance of Higher Education
    -History of American Higher Education

    -Leadership and Supervision

    -College Student Development Theory
    -Assessment in Higher Education
    -Independent Study: Learning Programs in Higher Education
    -Student Support in College
    -Critical Race Theory and Education (planned)

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  • couranng@gmail.com
    Phone Icons - Download Free Vector Icons | Noun Project 303-630-9090
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  • Roles at DU

  • Graduate Fellow, Career and Professional Development

    -Liaison for DSP/LEP students
    -Career Closet manager

    Burwell Center for Career Achievement
    2190 East Asbury Avenue, Denver, CO 80210
    Office: 303-871-2150
    Direct: 303-871-3028

  • Admissions Office Graduate Assistant, Morgridge College of Education

    (Summer 2020)
    Ruffatto Hall, Rm. 110
    1999 East Evans Avenue, Denver, CO 80208
    Office: 303-871-2509 

    Morgridge College of Education

  • Test Proctor, Disability Services Program

    Ruffatto Hall, Rm. 440
    1999 East Evans Avenue, Denver, CO 80208
    Office: 303-871-3241

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