• From Lamar Thomas

  • Lamar Thomas Guardian ad Litem ,Child Advocate Supervisor I

    "I am submitting my personal account of the character and work ethic of Ms. Catherine O'Brien. Over the course of this past year while Catherine served as a Child advocate for the Guardian ad Litem of Litem Program; I was responsible for supervising, as well as training Catherine. Under my supervision she was thrust into intricate cases that tested her commitment, knowledege, communication skills, and courage. As Catherine's supervisor I saw her rise to the occasion during moments of great stress, and even moments of great physical danger. The one characteristic that sticks out in my mind about Catherine which is irreplaceable is her ability to be flexible with purpose. There were moments where open ended tasks were given, and without any supervision or tutelage Catherine had the fortitude to research, understand the tasks and topics, and was able to address those specific topics in open court. In our meetings I noticed that Catherine has grown scholasticly, I saw this when she would confront real world application. I foresee Catherine conquering all of her personal goals, as well as her scholarly goals. 

    I Lamar Thomas,  as a United States Army Veteran am personally affirming on my honor, and integrity that Catherine is a courageous, intelligent, team player that I would put my faith in blindly."

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