Catherine E. O'Brien

Catherine E. O'Brien

  • Course Work

    • Current Graduate Work

      CPSY 4000 Issues in Forensic Psychology I

      CPSY 4010 Introduction to Statistics

      CPSY 4020 Clinical Interviewing & Theories of Psychotherapy

      CPSY 4030 Psychopathology & Diagnosis

      CPSY 4200 Practicum I


  • Memberships



       APA Membership (August 2017) 

      American Psychological Association

  • Goals

    • I plan on obtaining my Masters in Forensic Psychology, and then I plan of going further and obtaining a PsyD. After my studies I hope to participate take time to travel. My work as a G.A.L. has shown me that ultimately I plan on working with children in the future. My ultimte goal is to work in the FBI as a Victims Specailist. 

  • Resume/Vitae

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