• About Me

  • My name is Catherine Elizabeth O'Brien. I am a woman of Hispanic, Asian, and Irish background born and raised in Miramar, Fl. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Psychology Specializing in Forensics from Barry University in North Miami, Florida in May of 2016. During my senior year at Barry I worked for the Miami Dade Children's Court as a Guardian ad Litem. I was responsible for a handful of cases in which a judge felt a child could benefit from extra attention and could also benefit from having an individual soley expressing the needs/wants, within reason, of the child in court. In August of 2017 I packed up my life into a handful of boxes, packed up my car and drove my partner and I nearly two thousand miles out here to Denver, Colorodo to attend The University of Denver (For those curious, it is a four day drive if you stop every 10 hours or so to sleep). I am currently a first year Graduate Student at The University of Denver in pursuit of a Masters in Forensic Psychology. 

  • Goals

  • Being accepted into the Univeristy of Denver's Masters Program was a dream come true for me. Since entering the field I have made it a point to spread awarness of the inner working of the judcial system as well as the issues within the system as well. I plan on obtaining my Masters in Forensic Psychology, and then possibly going further and obtaining a PsyD. My work as a G.A.L. has shown me that ultimately I wish to work with children in the future. My ultimte goal is to work in the FBI as a Victims Specailist. Somewhere in all this I hope to be able to carve out some time to travel and see the world. 

  • Resume/Vitae

  • Catherine OBrien CV.pdf

  • Currently

  • Currently I am a Deputy Probation Officer at Denver Juvenile Probation working with Minimum level cases


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  •  University of Denver

    Ammi Hyde Building

    2450 South Vine Street

    Denver, CO 80210

     University of Denver Email





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     APA Membership (August 2017) 

    American Psychological Association

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