• Higher Education Student Association

    Department: Higher Education

    President: John Maly

  • Student Affiliates of School Psychology (SASP)

    Department name – TLS: Child, Family and School Psychology

    President: Audrey Ford

    Treasurer: Brigette Amidon



  • Research Methods and Statistics

    Student Representative: Alexis Nagle

  • Curriculum and Instruction

    Department: Teaching and Learning Sciences

    Program: Curriculum and Instruction


    Student Representatives

    Joi Lin - Joi.Lin@du.edu

    Paul Viskanta - Paul.Viskanta@du.edu

    Stephanie Peralta - Stephanie.Peralta@du.edu

    Andrea Johnson - Andrea.Johnson@du.edu

    Rachel Lim - Rachel.Lim@du.edu

    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Paul Michalec


    Facebook Page: C&I at MCE

    Portfolio Page: Under Construction

  • PRIDE University of Denver Queer and Trans Graduate Student Union

    Purpose / Mission of the organization: To engage, organize, and create a safe community for LGBTQIA+ graduate students at the University of Denver.

    President: Anne Neuweiler

  • Social Justice Librarians

    Student Representative: Muhl Heller-Wallace

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