• Section 5. Responsibilities of Student Associations

    Student Associations to COESA shall:

    1. Submit the formal application form at the beginning of each academic year to be approved by the COESA board in order to be officially recognized and receive administrative and financial support.
    2. Have the affirmative responsibility to be present or send a representative to the COESA’s board meetings. (The COESA Student Association Senators that attend COESA board meetings are non-voting COESA Board members.)
    3. Present an oral report of their association’s events, accomplishments, and announcements to COESA in each executive board meeting
    4. Act as a liaison between their program and COESA Executive Board.
    5. Comply with the Morgridge College of Education, and COESA’s financial, and administrative policies, and guidelines.
    6. Serve as members of a COESA committee, as needed.
    7. Adhere to the responsibilities set forth for their respective association
    8. Inform their respective program department and graduate students of COESA and Graduate Students Government (GSG) announcements, events, and printings
    9. Participate in the development and execution of COESA events


  • Counseling Psychology

    Social Justice Cooperative (SJC)


    • Hannah Thayer, Co-Facilitator
    • Solana Ceville, Co-Facilitator
    • Program: Counseling Psychology
    • Dr. Jesse Owen & Dr. Lisa Brownstone, Faculty Advisor
    • DUSJCooperative@gmail.com 
    • SJC Portfolio Page
    • The Social Justice Cooperative’s (SJC) purpose/mission is to promote and incorporate social justice principles, ideals, values, and actions within the University of Denver’s Counseling Psychology Department and its students, faculty, and staff. The SJC advocates for social justice, equity, and the actualization of multiculturalism within the larger systems and communities we embody, including within the Morgridge College of Education, University of Denver campus, and greater Denver community. The intention is to start from within our own department and build towards enacting change across our larger college, campus, and community.


    PRIDE - University of Denver Queer and Trans Graduate Student Union

    • 2019-2020, Anne Neuweiler, President
    • Program: Counseling Psychology
    • ___, Faculty Advisor
    • The purpose of PRIDE is to engage, organize, and create a safe community for LGBTQIA+ graduate students at the University of Denver.


  • Curriculum and Instruction

    C&I Student Representatives



  • Higher Education

    Higher Education Student Association (HESA)


    • Laurel Perweiler, President
    • Megan Denneny, Vice President
    • Rebecca Walsh, Director of Communications
    • Alana Thompson, Director of Events and Engagement
    • Program: Higher Education
    • Dr. Bruce Uhrmacher, Faculty Advisor
    • HESA Instagram Page
    • HESA Facebook Page
    • HESA provides an educational, professional, and social base for students within the field of higher education. Activities of the organization encourage and enhance various facets of graduate student growth and development and provide an opportunity to engage in collegial and social relationships with faculty, peers, and experts in the field.


  • Library and Information Sciences

    LIS Student Representative


    • Ellie Svoboda, Student Representative
    • Program: Library and Information Sciences  

    LIS Student and Alumni Association


    • Ellie Svoboda, President
    • Andy Lawder, Former President
    • Dr. Mary Stansbury, Faculty Advisor
    • LISSAA Bylaws
    • The mission of LISSAA shall be to serve and represent students enrolled in the University of Denver’s Library and Information Science program by providing opportunities for personal and professional growth. LISSAA will provide a bridge between enrolled students and alumna to give greater opportunities in the library and information science profession and act as a coordinating point for official student chapters of national library organizations.

    Readers for Change: Special Interest Group


    • Hope Barajas, Member
    • Ellie Svoboda, Member
    • Alyssa Brillante, Member
    • Program: Library and Information Sciences
    • Dr. Keren Dali, Faculty Advisor
    • Readers for Change Portfolio Page
    • Readers for Change is a special interest group created for University of Denver students, alumni, and faculty to share in the transformative power that books and reading have on individuals, families, and communities.  Each quarter, a work of fiction or narrative nonfiction will be chosen to shine a light on a broad range of topics and issues that will interest and concern many.


    Social Justice Librarians (SJL)

    • 2019-2020, Muhl Heller-Wallace, Chair
    • Program: Library and Information Sciences
    • Dr. Kawana Bright, Faculty Advisor


  • Research Methods and Statistics

    Research Methods and Statistics Student Representative

    • 2019-2020, Alexis Nagle, Student Representative
    • Program: Research Methods and Statistics
    • ___, Faculty Advisor


  • School Psychology

    Student Affiliates of School Psychology (SASP)


    • Jill Talley, President
    • Chase Burkart, Vice President
    • Ellie Bold, Treasurer
    • Ainsley Echeverria, Secretary
    • Program: Child, Family and School Psychology
    • Dr. Devadrita Talapatra, Faculty Advisor
    • CFSP Student Board cfsp.sasp@du.edu 
    • SASP Portfolio Page
    • SASP Facebook Page
    • Instagram: @du_cfsp  https://www.instagram.com/du_cfsp/
    • Twitter: @DU_CFSP https://twitter.com/du_CFSP
    • The Student Affiliates in School Psychology (SASP) is an organization formed under the auspices of the Division 16 Executive Committee. Currently, it is the only student affiliation of its kind within this discipline. This organization is designed to keep graduate students apprised of issues pertaining to school psychology as well as participating in activities that will further strengthen the discipline in the future.


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