• Budget Policies and COESA Grant Applications

  • 19-20 COESA Budget Policies

  • COESA budget policies and forms for the 2020-2021 academic year are currently under revision and will be uploaded here as soon as they are approved. Please note that ALL MATERIALS during the 2020-2021 academic year MUST be submitted electronically to COESA.Treasurer@du.edu for consideration.


    COESA is pleased to offer limited grant funding for MCE graduate students. For information on our grant awards for individual students that attended or presented at conferences, and for MCE student organizations, please download the 2019-2020 COESA Budget Policies document below.

    To submit an application for a grant, please download the 19-20 COESA Student Grant Application below and follow the instructions for submission listed in the 19-20 COESA Budget Policies document. *If you are a member of a department organization, please use this form to submit department board reimbursement requests, in the section titled "Student Organization Events and Expenses"

    If you have any questions regarding the grant application process for conferences or student organizations, please contact our treasurer at COESA.Treasurer@du.edu


  • Application Deadline and Reimbursement Deadline Calendar 19-20

    Please refer to this calendar for application deadlines. This deadline also lets you know when to expect your reimbursement, if approved.


  • 19-20 COESA Student Grant Application

    If you are applying for a reimbursement for conference attendance, please download and read this application carefully. This application may also be used for departmental organization reimbursements.

  • 19-20 COESA Student Dissertation/DRP Research Scholarship

    In lieu of conference attendance, students may apply for $500 in dissertation/DRP funding, but may not exceed the $1000 allotment in student reimbursements for the academic year. Students may apply only once during their program.

  • Sample: Exemplar Personal Statement

    This is an example of an exemplary personal statement to show applicants what the COESA board hopes to read when they receive an application for reimbursement. 

  • COESA 19-20 Public Grant Rubric Final.pdf

    Please read this rubric to help discern how points for funding are allocated. 

  • Tips and Tricks for COESA Funding

    Before submitting an application to COESA, please make sure you have read this document, as well as all accompanying Grant Application Documents. There is a rubric that permanently lives on our portfolio page that will help you understand how points are awarded, as well as specific instructions for submitting an application. 

  • Miller Scholarship-Conference Reimbursement Application within MCE

    *This is NOT a COESA application. This is a tuition based scholarship that students may obtain once a year through the Morgridge College of Education. This is NOT a COESA scholarship, grant, or application. For more information, please email James Banman. You will have to follow thorough directions to submit this application, and COESA will not be involved in this process. Good luck! :) 

  • Graduate Student Association Reimbursement Application

    This is not a reimbursement through COESA, rather an additional reimbursement through University of Denver's larger student association, the Graduate Student Government. In order to be eligible, you must first receive conference funding via COESA. Once you have completed the GSG application, please submit this form to the COESA treasurer in the mailbox on the 2nd floor. The COESA treasurer will verify the application and send the application to the GSG finance department. 



  • COESA Constitution

  • Student Association Resources

  • Student Association Application

    In order to be officially recognized, a student association must submit this application form to be approved by the COESA board.

    COESA funds are budgeted per program. If a program has multiple COESA Student Associations, they share the COESA funding.

    Please submit this form to the 2020-2021 COESA Vice President, joi.lin@du.edu or coesa@du.edu.

    COESA Student Association Application Form v2 2020-2021.docx 

  • Tax Exempt Number

    *If you are a member of a department student organization, please use the section titled, "FOR STUDENT ORGANIZATION EVENTS AND EXPENSES ONLY" on the 19-20 COESA Student Grant Application. 

    If you are making a purchase for your student organization, please read the following 2 documents which explain what the exempt number can and cannot be used for, and then send an email to COESA.treasurer@du.edu with the following information:

    1. A statement acknowledging you have read and understand the tax exempt policies and that you will only use this number for Student Organization related expenses. 
    2. Date and description of your event (1-2 sentences is fine)
    3. Description of what you will be purchasing with the tax exempt number 
  • DU_Denver_taxexempt.pdf

  • DU_Federal_TaxExemptStatus.pdf

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