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  • Description

  • Welcome to the Center for Community Engagement to advance Scholarship and Learning (CCESL's) Portfolio site.  Here, we intend to create a centralized resources to support our core inatives.

  • Mission

  • The mission of CCESL is to activate university and community potential through partnership.

    CCESL leads the campus in embracing the University of Denver's commitment of "being a great private university dedicated to the public good."

  • Values

  • CCESL values  collaboration for the public good characterized by mutual benefit, fierce optimism, tenacity, rigor, democratic participation, and inclusion.

  • Core Initatives

  • We use community-engaged methods in our work with faculty, staff, students, and communities to:


  • Contact Information

  • Office Hours:
    Monday – Friday
    9:00am to 5:00pm

    2055 E. Evans Ave.
    Community Commons
    Suite 1100

    Phone: 303.871.3706

    Please visit our website for full staff contact information:
    Anne DePrince, Director

    Cara DiEnno, Associate Director

    Kathleen Ferrick, Program Coordinator

    Katie Kleinhesselink, DU Grand Challenges Program Manager

    Maddie Duven, Business Program Coordinator

    Angelica Ortiz, Scholar Shop Program Coordinator

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