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  • Hear What CAIS Students are Saying...


    "I can't imagine doing AAI with a canine without taking this course. It was so thorough and thoughtful in how it was planned and implemented. The AHH certificate provided the foundation and the CAIS certificate provided more of a road-map for practice." 2018 CAIS Student


    "We have to know our dogs well in order to be better AAI professionals, so I'm glad that there was such an emphasis on learning about our dogs and remaining objective about their behavior.” 2018 CAIS Student


    “I am amazed at the quality of curriculum design that was done on this certificate. Layer upon layer, the learning built upon the experiences, readings, video lectures,  and assignments. As a professional educator, with a decade of curriculum design experience for a very large school division, I can tell you that the performance-based work and assessment was top-notch.” 2018 CAIS Student


    “This course has really made me step up my game in working with my dog.  I am realizing that training is almost a symbiotic system we create together as opposed to him just responding to me.” 2018 CAIS Student



    “I definitely feel that my CAIS learning is applicable. I use it every day that I am working with my own two dogs and with the dogs I am working with at the      training center. All of this practice is going to be essential when I select my next therapy dog partner.” 2018 CAIS Student



     “I learned that training multiple dogs on the same behavior requires a lot of human thinking! You have to be aware of the dogs' learning styles and temperaments, your own biases and strengths and weaknesses, and the training sequences so you can move forward or back. You have to be aware of so many things to make the best of the work. Wow! My brain hurts.” 2018 CAIS Student

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