• Program Fees and Payment Methods

  • The complete certificate program fee is $3,500. Program registration constitutes an agreement to pay the non-refundable program fee in full. There is also a one-time, non-refundable application fee of $25, due at the time of application.

    The program fee includes:

    • Virtual Laboratory
    • 3 Online Courses

    The program fee does not include course literature/textbooks.

    Payment may be made in full or in installments as follows:

    • $1,750 before the Canines 1 Course begins and to secure your spot in the entire cohort
    • $1,225 before the Canines 2 Course begins
    • $525 before the Culmination Project begins


    Payments are made online by credit/debit card. Special arrangements can be made for third-party payers or for bank account transfers.

    Please contact us to discuss payment options.


    Please note scholarships are not available at this time.

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