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  • Trauma and Poly-Victimization
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  • Adolescents Who Sexually Offend
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  • Competency To Stand Trial
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  • Sexuality and Sexual Behavior
    1. Alexander, A.A. (2019). “We Don’t Do That!” Consensual non-monogamy in HBO’s Insecure. Journal of Black Sexuality and Relationships, 6(2), 1-16. doi: 1353/bsr.2019.0018
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  • Judicial Decision-Making
    1. Falligant, J.M., Fix, R.L., & Alexander, A.A. (2020). Simulated verdicts for adolescents with illegal sexual behavior: The impact of medical data and race/ethnicity. Behavioral Sciences & the Law, 38(1), 51-65. doi: 10.1002/bsl.2431 
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  • Popular Culture
    1. Alexander, A. A. (2020). The politics of respectability in Luce. PopMeC Research Blog. https://popmec.hypotheses.org/2427 
    2. Alexander, A. A. (2019). “We Don’t Do That!” Consensual non-monogamy in HBO’s Insecure. Journal of Black Sexuality and Relationships, 6(2), 1-16. doi: 1353/bsr.2019.0018
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  • Psychotherapy Bulletin

    Dr. Alexander serves as the Contributing Editor in Ethics for the Psychotherapy Bulletin. Below is a list of her articles:

    1. Lodovic, J., & Alexander, A. A. (2020). Is the GRE necessary in admissions? During COVID-19 and beyond. Psychotherapy Bulletin, 55(4), 14-17.
    2. Alexander, A. A. (2020). Ethics of addressing police brutality and racial violence during the Black Lives Matter movement. Psychotherapy Bulletin, 55(3).
    3. Azama, C., & Alexander, A.A. (2020). Ethical Use of Interpreters for Non-English-Speaking Clients in Forensic Contexts. Psychotherapy Bulletin, 55(1), 29-33. 
    4. Alexander, A.A. (2019). More Than Bubble Baths and Wine: Finding Actual Self-Care. Psychotherapy Bulletin, 54(4), 10-14.
    5. Alexander, A.A. (2019). I Would Never Do That! Examining Sexual Boundary Violations. Psychotherapy Bulletin, 54(3), 49-52.
    6. Alexander, A.A. (2019). Moving Target: Addressing Modern Ethical Dilemmas. Psychotherapy Bulletin, 54(1), 46-47.
    7. Alexander, A.A. (2018). Paging Dr. House: Improving Assessment and Diagnosis. Psychotherapy Bulletin, 53(4), 67-71.
    8. Alexander, A.A. (2018). Rinse and Repeat: Replication and Research Ethics. Psychotherapy Bulletin, 53(3), 43-47.
    9. Alexander, A.A. (2018). Knowing What You Don’t Know: Addressing Professional Competence. Psychotherapy Bulletin, 53(2), 53-58.
    10. Alexander, A.A. (2018). Revisiting Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Address: Cultural Humility and Ethics. Psychotherapy Bulletin, 53(1), 49-54.
    11. Alexander, A.A. (2017). Social Justice, Advocacy, and Early Career Practice. Psychotherapy Bulletin, 52(4), 51-55.
    12. Alexander, A.A. (2017). Conversion “Therapy”: Current Policy and Ethical Issues. Psychotherapy Bulletin, 52(2), 29-33.
  • The New Circle

    Dr. Alexander serves as the Contributing Editor for the Cultural Adversity section for The New Circle. Below is a list of her articles:

    1. Alexander, A. A. (2020). Broadening our conceptualization of trauma. The New Circle, Volume 3.
    2. Alexander, A. A. (2020). Racial stress in children and adolescents. The New Circle, Volume 2.

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