• Ready for American Hospitality - RAH

    Since January of 2014 I have led a collaborative service learning program between the Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitlaity Management and the African Community Center, a refugee resettlement agency in Denver. The program, known as, the Ready for American Hospitality training program or RAH has served over 225 refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrants living in Metro Denver. Over 30 employers have hired RAH graduates and the program has continued to work alongside community stakeholders to support folks through the integration process. Over the past few years RAH has garnered the support of a primary employer in Metro Denver and continues to be contacted by employers across the area seeking out RAH graduates.  

    The RAH program has existed since 2012 and in that time it has been recognized several times over for its innovative pedagogical form. RAH could not exist without the support of the State of Colorado - refugee service providers (CRSP), ECDC/African Community Center of Denver, The J.W. Marriott Foundation, The Hilton Foundation, The Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning at DU, Skyport Co., and countless other refugee and immigrant organizations in Metro Denver.   


  • About Me Professionally

    After graduating from the University of Michigan in 2008 with a bachelor's degree in political science and technical writing, my partner and I chose to relocate to Denver, CO. We had only lived in Denver for 14 months and were accepted into the U.S. Peace Corps. We served together in Mongolia from 2011 - 2013. My sector of focus was Community Youth Development and my professional placement was with the Family and Children's Development Center in Altai City, Govi-Altai, Mongolia. I spearheaded several projects with my Mongolian counterparts and there was one project that required most of my attention. I worked alongside local government, NGO's, and the U.S. Peac Corps to launch a program for youth with disabilities. I am proud to say, this program exists to this day and local government, NGO's, and volunteers are all involved in its administration!My partner and I returned to Denver and I began working with the African Community Center and leading the RAH program shortly after. 

    Supporting folks through integration is very important to me, but I have learned that supporting young professionals is important as well! DU students in Fritz Knoebel's Human Capital Management course work and learn alongside the RAH students. This community engaged experiential learning component is preparing our young professionals with the skills and awareness to respectfully work alongside a diverse workforce. 

    I plan to continue the efforts of community engaged education as we research the connections between cultural intelligence, employment standards, migration, and integration. Please contact me if you have interest in any of the areas mentioned above.

    On Campus:

    Center for Community Engagement to advance Scholarship and Learning- Faculty/Staff Champion; Collective Impact Team - Migration

    United Nations - Principles for Responsible Management Education - Collaborated with Daniels Faculty and Staff to reinstate Daniels as a UN-PRME signatory 

    University College M.A. Global Community Engagement - Candidate

    University College - Inclusivity and Diversity Committee


  • About Me Personally

    I am Colorado Active. I am a Partner. I am a Father. I am a Teacher. I am an Ally. 

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