One of my favorite aspects of the Pioneer Leadership Program is the opportunity to apply insights from the course to create meaningful, sustainable change in the Community. This year, myself and five of my peers are conducting a Community Change Initiative (CCI) with Change the Trend, a network of homelessness organiations, and the City of Englewood. We are working with them in two primary ways: first, we seek to elevate stories of those experiencing homelessness by creating stock videos to complement community events in the upcoming year, such as for the event for when the Burnes Center for Poverty and Homelessness study is completed and second, we are building up the existing Change the Trend Website to make some permanent improvements that would help make the site more useful, informative, visually pleasing, easier for users to access, and more reflective of the amazing work that the organizations do for the community. We reached that decision after careful consideration and thought that our efforts could be better amplified listening to the organizations in the CTT network to hear about how they would like to see this platform improved as well. We will evaluate the project’s success through consistently setting goals and monitoring progress towards the stated objectives in this paper, tracking the quantity, quality and usage of the videos and website, and feedback given by the network.


    Change the Trend is the perfect partner for conducting a CCI, as it includes many stakeholders our project is targeting and will need the support of, including service providers, city officials, non-profit leaders, and faith community representatives. This will ensure the deliverables being produced are widely utilized, add value, and our feedback-driven. We also successfully partnered with Change the Trend last year on developing their website and information for the City of Englewood website, which gives our group credibility and a strong relational foundation. Through 2019-2020, were able to engage 35 stakeholders across 5 cities, launch a COVID-19 policy report, volunteer and collect stories in English and Spanish, conduct a community attidudes assessment, and speak with diverse audiences to disseminate our findings such as at policy taskforce meetings, as a Keynote at the University of Denver Research and Scholarship Showcase, and to Englewood High School's Capstone class. 


    Final Community Report.pdf

    CCESL Article

    2020 University of Denver Research and Scholarship Showcase Keynote


    Please feel free to read more here: Fall 2019 CCI Final Report.docx

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