• Global/Intercultural Competence:

    I aspire to be a statesman. It’s not a mere thought, it’s the tearing down of walls, the dreams, the ripples, and the ability to walk on. It’s a burning passion and the urge to not fall to the bystander effect.  

  • Time in Scotland: A Scottish Ceilidh, 7 Countries, & 1 UN COP26 Climate Conference

    To find myself experiencing the richness of Scottish culture and friendship, the United Nation’s COP26 Climate Change Conference, and seven other European countries, in the midst of Covid-19, was an extraordinary privilege and one in which my all too many photos will never allow me to forget. First, my coursework at the University of Glasgow provided different perspectives than that of my own and that of my University of Denver Professors and peers, on isuses such as Brexit, challenges facing the European Union, and U.S. international financial leadership. Those lived experiences are at the heart of my interest in a PhD and policy advocacy. Second, I was able to engage in the United Nation’s COP26 Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, as part of the finance and markets working group of the convention’s official youth constituency. Because of thesupport of the University of Denver Cherrington Scholar's program and the Boettcher Foundation's International Education Grant, I was able to work for instance, with youth from Mauritus to Singapore on monitoring and pushing for the finalization and closing of loopholes in the Article 6 Carbon Market Negotiations. Witnessing negotiations at a global forum as an active official observer perectly came right after working as a Fellow to the U.S. Trade Representatives’ Chief Economist in the Executive Office of the U.S. President. In addition to that exposure, it also reminded me of the why behind my research, carrying these stories forward in releasing a report the next in conculstation in USAID. Finally, in addition to enjoying the Scottish isles, a Ceilidh (country-dancing), and cities, I was able to travel in Central Europe (Czech Republic, Austria and Hungary) and the Baltics (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Finland). In each place, I tasted foreign flavors like cepelinai (a Lithuanian potato-meat dumpling dish) and reindeer, saw culture like Opera in Vienna, and learned about history.


    Being abroad allowed me to become more independent and resilient, grow on a spiritual and personal level, and dive deeper into intriguing subjects. While one avenue for the latter was coursework, I was able to soak up all I could culturally, in Glasgow and in travels. I also made true friendships, and as I have come to find, good relationships with others have no replacement in life. Studying abroad was not without its challenges, but as I laughed on and learned to love the dynamic experience, it made it all the most memorable and rewarding.


    For the Boettcher Foundation, I created a post-trip Grant Evaluation Reflective report on my experience. 

    This photo is with Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland during the youth constituency's  official presentation of the Global Youth Statement that integrates 40,000 youth voices.

  • Four-Years at the Pardee Center for International Futures:

    During the Winter Quarter of my freshman year, I applied for a research assistant position with the Pardee Center for International Futures. I joined the Literature Review Team in January 2019, with my first project being to examine the impact of the Yemen conflict on total factor productivity, for a report for the UN Development Program. Since then, I have synthesized diverse economic literature for more than 10+ policy forecasting reports, including on mitigating trade externalities with the African Continental Free Trade Agreement for the African Union Development Agency, the economic risks of climate change for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and on the impact of Covid-19 on the sustainable development goals for the UN Development Program. Due to my interest in also building skills in data, in March 2020, I joined the Data Team and now co-lead the team of up to 13 since June 2021. It's been a worthwile experience to get to know my team, their goals, and answer their questions. I also have been able to put my Excel expert certification to good use by leading advanced Excel and statistics training. 


    One of my most recent contributions has been a co-authored report on the "Future of Food-Security in the Wake of a Global Pandemic," in consultation to the the U.S. Agency for International Development. Some of my specific contributions to this project include creating a forecasting model for a per country variation in caloric inequality and a constraint on arable land available for expansion in forecasting. Having performed extensive research in this area, it is incredibly tragic that the Russian invasion of Ukraine will as part of the humanitarian crisis, increase food prices and food insecurity significantly, of a particular effect in low and middle income countries.



  • Internationally-Focused Coursework:

    During my freshman year, I encouraged the Korbel Dean to include student ambassadors to the Korbel Dinner. It is so true as carried forth by Secretary Albright and Kerry and Honoree Patricia Cooper that bridge building is key to a more peaceful world.


    One of the reasons that I was drawn to the University of Denver was the opportunity to combine my degree in finance with a degree international studies. The idea was that I wanted the depth of the specialization in finance, as well as the policy and political and economic analysis that came in the international studies program. I also was drawn to the 4+1 Master's program and liked the research opportunities and questions at the intersections of the two. I could easily list all my courses as favorite courses at DU. Some highlights include a self-designed independent study on International Finance Econometrics with Professor Jack Strauss, International Monetary Relations, and International Finance in Glasgow. I also enjoyed the Literature of Truth & Reconciliation through the Honors Program, where I conducted a personal research project on reconciliation in the context of the Colombian peace deal, and Collaborative Leadership: Global Perspective with the Pioneer Leadership Program. To further my language skills, I took Latin American Culture & Society in Spanish freshman year, Portuguese Friday classes sophomore year, and a French enrichment graduate course junior year. I share two examples of my coursework in this area. 


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