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  • About Me

  • I am an Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Social Work at the University of Denver. I was a University of Denver Public Impact Fellow from 2021 to 2022. In 2022, I was selected as a TEDxMileHigh speaker where I gave a talk on the intersection of AI and social work and the potential and pitfalls of using newer computational tools to guide social service decision making. This work has also led to extensive coverage through media outlets such as the Guardian and Wired and through academic and practice clearinghouses such as the National Clearinghouse for Youth & Families and National Association of Social Workers (NASW). 

    My experiences in research, policy, and clinical services have coalesced into my current scholarly goals and agenda. These experiences have collectively helped me to formulate an academic agenda, which is devoted to the prevention of HIV and substance use among high-risk youth and other vulnerable populations. I have a strong commitment to publishable and impactful research, which I believe is demonstrated by my publication record (67 peer-reviewed manuscripts and three peer-reviewed book chapters). My expertise has contributed to success through dissemination in top publications, including high-impact journals such as Drug and Alcohol Dependence (five-year IF: 3.989), AIDS & Behavior (five-year IF: 3.312), Addictive Behaviors (five-year IF: 3.140), Social Science Research (five-year IF: 2.191), Journal of Health Communication (five-year IF: 2.949), Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication (five-year IF: 3.799), American Journal of Public Health (five-year IF: 4.138) and Journal of Adolescent Health (five-year IF: 4.147). 

    My research is shaped by four distinct but related aims:

    1. Pursuing survey-based research utilizing social-network analysis to examine how face- to-face social networks and norms shape the risk and protective behaviors of marginalized populations such as youth and young adults experiencing homelessness.

    2. Understanding digital media practices among homeless and other minority youth and young adult populations.

    3. Developing and disseminating programs that utilize innovative technology (e.g., Photovoice, social network technologies, artificial intelligence, etc.) to increase social connectedness and preventive behaviors in these populations.

    4. Using innovative observational and computational methods (e.g., natural language processing, machine learning, etc.) to evaluate interactions in both face-to-face and online social networks.

    This approach reflects my interdisciplinary training in social work, sociology, public health, and advanced computational methods. In building my program of research, I have worked to capture the values of all three of these disciplines through health promotion and disease prevention using an ecological lens. This mixed approach ensures I can reach social workers and practitioners and academics in allied disciplines including public health, sociology, and computational sciences.

  • Contact Me

  • ​ DU Email:

    Associate Professor, Craig Hall, Room 437

    2148 S. High St., Denver, CO 80208

    Phone: 303-871-2923

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