• New Consultants

  • Welcome to the University of Denver Writing Center! We are thrilled to have you with us and look forward to getting to know you and your work this year. 


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    Please do these four things before orientation.

    • 1. As soon as possible when you arrive on campus, but no later than Wednesday, September 4, complete the New Hire Action items required by DU: completing a W-4, being sure to bring the required I-9 identity forms to campus to fill out your I-9, and completing any additional action items. 

    • 2. Register for ENGL 4830. Don't be confused by the fact that the catalog title for this course is Teaching & Writing Lit. It is, and has been for many years, Writing Center Theory and Practice.
      • If you are a GTA in English, you must take this course for credit. 
      • If you are a student in another program, you have the option to take this course for credit or audit it as part of your work schedule. If you plan to audit the course, please let us know!


    Attend new consultant orientation.

    • Orientation is Thursday, September 5, from 3-6pm in the Writing Center in Anderson Academic Commons. 


    Develop some context for consulting

    We have set aside time during weeks 1-2 of the quarter for you to do this reading, so you do not need to interrupt your summer to do it now. However, we know that some people like to read early, so we are including it here:

    • Notes to you from previous consultants
      • A good way to get a sense of what it's like to work at the Writing Center is to hear from consultants. We've collected short notes from several previous consultants, who talk about their experiences, share insights, and offer a little advice; take a look. 


    • Writing Center 2019-20 handbook
      • We will have a printed copy of our handbook, along with course materials and other resources, for you when you arrive in September, but for now, we are linking to an electronic copy of our current handbook here. Your work schedule in weeks 1 and 2 will include reading the handbook. 


    • Writing Center theory & practice course
      • If you're like to get an early glimpse at the 2-credit grad course that all new consultants take, you can access the course management site any time (you'll need to log into Canvas with your nine-digit DU number and password). You should have received an email inviting you to join the course. There's always a chance that some readings or deadlines will change before we begin, but the schedule and focus is largely set. We will provide paper copies of most readings at orientation. 


  • Returning Consultants

  • Welcome back! We hope you all had a great summer and are coming back rejuvenated for a new academic year. 

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    1. Submit your schedule requests for fall quarter.



    2. Attend new consultant orientation if you can!

    • Orientation is Thursday, September 5, from 3-6pm in the Writing Center in Anderson Academic Commons. We would love to have as many returning consultants as possible, and this will be paid time. 


    3. Let us know if you are available between August 29 and September 6 to help with various campus orientation activities.

    • Before school begins each fall, we are working to introduce ourselves and our offerings to new students across campus. We do program visits, international student orientation, new student resource fair tables, and other things. If you are available during this time and would be interested in helping out, let us know! This would be, of course, paid time. 


    4. Take note of a few things that will be happening during fall quarter

    • We update our handbook every year; you can see the newest version here. We will give you time during weeks 1-2 to review and discuss relevant parts of the handbook so that everyone on our staff has a shared understanding of important practices, values, and policies. 
    • During yor shifts in weeks 1-2, you'll be asked to partner/meet with new staff members for observations and other activities. 
    • You can expect weekly staff meetings in fall quarter, during which time you'll have opportunities to interact with other staff members, learn and re-learn consulting practices, get some re-training for online conslutations, and learn more about new genres and writing elements. We'll invite your perspective for these meetings; Madison Hakey and Zach Johnson will be serving in a new position as second-year continuing education coordinators. 

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