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  • Specific Citation Styles

  • Consultations about Citation Styles

  • We know that managing a citation style is an important part of many writing projects, and we can help!

    We ask writers to consider the following when asking consultants for help with citation styles:

    • We work with multiple citation styles every day -- there are at least 7 citation styles that our consultants see regularly.
    • So we don't rely on memory--we look things up, using handbooks and online resources, every time. 
    • Our goal is to help you manage the citation style you're using, and the key to that work is in using resources, recognizing patterns, slowing down and zooming in, and even doing some creative problem-solving.
    • Your consultant probably won't know all the answers-- that's what the resources are for. Instead, your consultant will focus on helping you to find the answers, and that process--how you find the answers--is really valuable in the long run.

    Knowing all that...make an appointment witn one of our consultants at!


  • University College Formatting Guidelines

  • Please note: All University College courses require Turabian Author-Date style, 9th edition. 


    All University College courses ask students to use the formatting guidelines in this downloadable document. 

    When in doubt, ask your professor!


  • Zone Editing for Any Citation Style

    We've found that how you edit a references page -- or your whole document -- can make all the difference. Try our Zone Editing approach, which helps you to focus on one thing at a time to achieve greater consistency across your document. 

  • Strategies for Consistency in Any Citation Style

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