• Better Editing with Any Citation Style

  • Citation styles--while different--share some goals: to help writers make decisions and document their work, and to help readers navigate texts. 

    You can handle any citation style by developing better habits for editing. Use the editing log templates below to get started, and/or make an appointment to work with a Writing Center consultant to get started. 

    You can also use the DU Library's guides on RefWorks to manage all your citations and your research better. 

    Remember: you're working with one style, but we're working with all of them. Our goal is to help you ask and answer questions, use resources, and learn as you go. 

  • DU Writing Center - Editing Templates.docx

  • DU Writing Center - Command Editing.docx

  • APA 6

  • APA 6th Ed. Handout.pdf

  • Official APA Style Resources

    The APA Blog is an official source of APA knowledge and offers a wealth of resources, including the following:


  • MLA 8th Ed.

  • Official MLA Style Quick Guide Resources

    The MLA Quick Guide is an official source of MLA 8th edition style information and offers a practice template you can use to learn how to cite in MLA style. The template provides a guide for all the pieces of information you need for a variety of citation formats. 

    The Quick Guide also includes sample papers formatted in MLA style 

  • Video: Understanding MLA Style 8th Edition

    Prof. Kyle Stedman, Assistant Professor of English at Rockford University, has given us permission to link you to his It's about 11 minutes long and includes an overview of vital and easy-to-understand information about MLA 8. 

  • #Handout. MLA 8th Ed. - July 2018.docx

  • MLA 7

  • MLA 7th Ed Handout.pdf

  • Turabian 9th Ed.

  • Official Turabian Style Resources

    For help with formatting your papersin Turabian style--inluding examples of what different features should loolike--check out the official Turabian Student Tip Sheets. 


    Also, the U of Chicago Press's Turabian Quick Guide is an official source of Turabian knowledge and offers samples of citation formats for sources from articles to websites to social media posts. 

    When you go to this site, be sure that you choose the "notes-bibliography" or "author-date" tab, located four paragraphs down from the top of the page.  

  • Turabian 9th Edition Handout: Notes-Bibliography Style

    9th Ed. Turabian Handout - Jan 2019.docx

  • Turabian 9th Edition Handout: Author-Date Style

    9th Ed. Turabian Handout Author Date Jan 2019.docx

  • DU Turabian Resources

    University College offers this guide to Format and Style Requirements

    If you're a University College student, you should defer to this document in the event of any discrepancy. 


    The University Libraries also have a useful set of resouces here


  • Chicago 17th Ed.

  • #Handout. Chicago Author-Date 17th Ed. - July 20

  • #Handout. Chicago Notes-Bib 17th Ed. - July 2018

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