• Consultant Research Presentations

  • Conference Key

    CCW = Conference on Community Writing: Boulder, CO, October 2018

    CCC Regional = Conference on College Composition and Communication Regional Conference: Denver, CO, July 2018

    CGC = Consortium on Graduate Communication: Ann Arbor, MI, June 2018

    CWWTC = Colorado Wyoming Writing Tutors Conference: Greeley, CO, April 2017; Denver, CO, April 2018

    DU URCUniversity of Denver Undergraduate Research Symposium: Denver, CO, May 2018

    IWCAInternational Writing Center Association ConferenceChicago, IL, November 2017; Atlanta, GA, October 2018

    NCPTWNational Conference on Peer Tutoring and Writing, Long Island, NY, November 2018


  • Consultant Research 2017

    Julia Fleming 

    • "Finding Purpose in the Writing Process," CWWTC 

    Annie Halseth 

    • "Writing Center Work as a Social and Collaborative Act of Reflection," CWWTC 

    Glenn Koelling 

    • "Working Together, Becoming Stronger: Writing Center and Library Collaboration," CWWTC 

    Brian Laidlaw

    • "Blues You Can Use: Songwriting as a Literary Genre," CWWTC and CCW 

    Alicia Mountain

    • "Bigger than Blood: HIV Testing & Counseling Methodologies as Applied to Writing Center Practices," NCPTW 
    • "Refusing to Marginalize: Dialoging with Identity-Based Student Groups," CWWTC 

    Juli Parrish and Jason Schlueter (ACC)

    • "Collaborative Intelligence: A Cross-Institutional Tutoring Program," IWCA 

    Kyle Przybylski

    • "Pronouncing 'Silence': Using Silence as a Tool and a Response in the Writing Center," CWWTC 

    Alison Turner

    • "Non-Traditional Students and Writing Centers," CWWTC 
    • "The Role of Writing in Low-Cost Adult Literacy Programs: A Denver Case Study," CCW 

    Abigayil Wernsman

    • "Collaborative Consulting: Navigating Hierarchy," CWWTC 
  • Consultant Research 2018

    Julia Fleming, Patrick Munnelly, and Kyle Pryzybyski

    • "Calling Fellow Travelers: Reimagining the Role of the Writing Fellow," CWWTC 

    Madison Hakey & Mikayla Peters 

    • "Negotiating Expecttions in Writing Center Consultations," CWWTC 

    Zachary Johnson

    • "Writers' Groups and the Risks of Sharing: A Personal Reflection," CWWTC

    Megan Kelly

    • "Using Portfolios to Reflect on and Assess Writing Center Staff Training," IWCA

    Kelly Krumrie

    • "Toward Opening the Notebook: Observation as Agency," IWCA

    Erinrose Mager

    • "Examining Oregon State University's Writing Across Borders and Kaplan's Theory of Contrastic Rhetoric: A New Intercultural Approach," CWWTC and IWCA

    Maggie Sava & Sasha Strelitz

    • "Beta Testing: Social Media and the Writing Center," CWWTC 

    Dennis Sweeney

    • "Structure Without Structure: Non-Institutional Professional Development in the Writing Center," CWWTC

    Taylor Tolchin 

    • "Universal Design and Graduate Writers in the Neoliberal University's Writing Center," Consortium on Graduate Communication (CGC)

    Olivia Tracy 

    • "Assigning Genres: Helping Faculty Write Prompts," Consortium on Graduate Communication (CGC) and
    • "Everything's a Prop: Using Everyday Objects in Writing Center Consultations," IWCA

    Alison Turner

    • "The Gritty Joy of Grammar: The Enjoyment of Writing in Low- and No-Cost Adult Educational Programs," CCC Regional

    Alison Turner, Juli Parrish, and Geoff Stacks 

    • "The Electronic Elephant in the Room: Assessing WC Online's Role in Shaping Writing Center Culture," IWCA

    Alicia Wright, Juli Parrish, Jason Schleuter (ACC), and Erin Campbell (AAC)

    • "Reimagining Local Contexts: Reciprocity in Writing Center Partnerships" CWWTC 

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