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  • Degree of Help Offered

    We work on just about any kind of writing, including employment and grad school applications and personal and public writing not assigned for a class. Writers may meet with a consultant to discuss an oral presentation, multimedia project, email, blog, work of fiction, civic writing, and most other kinds of writing. We work on all aspects of a writing process from brainstorming through drafting, revising, and final drafts.

    We focus on introducing practices and habits to writers and helping them implement strategies in order to give them additional tools when writing and rereading their work. These strategies often address grammatical, mechanical, and stylistic concerns, but they do so with a focus on long-term, widely-applicable practices, not on short-term, specific "fixes."

    Please note that consultants only work with writers in live sessions. Consultants cannot pre-read drafts or provide comments or suggestions via email. Instead, we work with writers in live, conversation-based sessions. 

    In fact, we avoid one-time fixes and instead approach consultations as learning situations; we work with students to help them learn to do more intentional work in their writing. That work might include editing and proofreading, but it also includes a range of the many other actions that fall under the umbrella of “writing”: understanding assignment prompts, reading, planning and outlining, developing and refining research questions, using evidence, integrating texts, analyzing and synthesizing, drafting, revising, building an argument, learning to use a citation style, making decisions about code-meshing and language use, and much more.  

    Number of Consultations Offered

    DU undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and staff may make up to three scheduled appointments per week on two different days.

    • Writers may try to make up to three unscheduled appointments in a week, on two different days, by asking for a drop-in appointment at the start of any hour. If a consultant is free, we will make appointments available on this drop-in basis. 
    • Writers may have a total of one scheduled appointment and one drop-in appointment on any given day. 
    • Writers may have a total of three scheduled appointments and two drop-in appointments in any given week. Weeks start on Monday and end on Sunday.
    • We invite alumni to schedule one appointment per week in weeks 1-8 of any quarter; in weeks 9-10, alumni should contact us at to see if we have appointments available.

    Drop-in Consultations

    Writers who have not exceeded their consultation limits are welcome to drop in without an appointment from :00 until :15 after each hour. If we have a consultant free, we are happy to make you an appointment for that hour. Drop-in consultations are limited to two per week per writer, on different days.

    Missed Appointments

    We hold all appointments until :15 past the hour. After that time, if a writer has not come in for a scheduled appointment without letting us know, we may release that appointment to a waiting writer.

    Expectations for Online Consultations

    Writers and consultants must refrain from smoking, vaping, drinking alcohol, driving, or operating motor vehicles during their consultations.

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