Samples of Abstracts

  • Annotated Sample Abstracts

    These sample abstracts model different approaches you can use when crafting your abstracts. The highlighted sections correspond with the color-coding included in the Abstract Annotation Key: 

    Humanities Abstract Sample

    Social Work/Education Abstract Sample

    Sciences Abstract Sample

    Psychology Abstract Sample

    Engineering Abstract Sample


    How to Read Samples

    We've color-coded the questions/considerations you should be thinking through as you write your abstract, and we've included a checklist of necessary formatting and content components as part of the abstract:

    Abstract Annotation Key and Checklist

  • It's important to remember that even standard genres like literature reviews and executive summaries change may look different and require different writing stragies depending on the field and the situation. Read assignment prompts and application requirements carefully, and talk to your professors and classmates about the writing you're doing.

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