• Biographical Description

    Dr. Trish Raque-Bogdan received her PhD in Counseling Psychology from the University of Maryland in 2013.  She is a member of the American Psychological Association, and is on the Board of the Division 17 Health Psychology Section and the editorial board of the Journal of Counseling Psychology.  Dr. Raque-Bogdan’s areas of research include work and positive health psychology, with a specific focus on cancer survivorship; the relation between well-being and physical health outcomes; women's health; and qualitative research.  Her research aims to integrate social justice principles and views work as a means to achieving equity.  As a former scholar of Russian history and library science, she enjoys people’s life stories and tales of resilience as expressed in history, literature, and the psychotherapy process.  

  • Health & Work Research Lab

    Dr. Raque-Bogdan's research lab is open to interested doctoral and master's level students.  Please select the tab above on W.O.W. Research Lab to learn more.

    Past and current projects include the following:

    • Work lives and career development of young breast cancer survivors
    • Examining a model of restoring well-being after a diagnosis of breast cancer
    • A self-compassion expressive writing intervention for college women to improve body image
    • Exploring the importance of meaningful work in the physical and mental well-being of cancer patients and survivors
    • Career path of counseling psychologists working in medical education
    • Meta-ethnography of social isolation and loneliness of cancer survivors
    • Career paths/development of psychologists working in the area of oncology
  • Grant Activity

  • American Psychological Foundation Bruce and Jane Walsh Grant

    To support the investigation of how personality, culture and environment influence work behavior and health.  

    Spring 2015

  • College of Education Flow-Back Grant

    An internal MCE funding opportunity intended to support research, scholarship, and/or creative activities that have the potential to attract future external funding.  

    Spring 2015

  • Faculty Research Fund

    University of Denver sponsored grant to conduct a meta-ethnography on loneliness in cancer survivors.

    Summer-Fall 2016

  • Professional Research Opportunities for Faculty (PROF) Fund

    University of Denver sponsored grant to conduct a positive psychology intervention entitled "Activating happiness in cancer" for patients, survivors, and caregivers.  In partnership with Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers.

    Spring 2017

  • Media

  • Helping Cancer Survivors Thrive

    Article published in the APA Monitor January 2016 issue


  • Interviewed as part of Editorial in the Washington Post

    Article published in June 2015.


  • Teaching

  • Courses Dr. Raque-Bogdan Teaches Regularly

    CNP 4710 Career Counseling

    CNP 4741 Intermediate Counseling Techniques

    CNP 4778 Health Psychology

    CNP 4707 Integrated Health

    CNP 4784 Psychopathology

    CNP 4752 Advanced Practicum I

    CNP 4752 MA Internship

  • Recent Research


    Raque-Bogdan, T. L. (in press).  Relational Cultural Theory and cancer:  Addressing the social well-being of a growing population.  Practice Innovations.  doi:  10.1037/pri0000087

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     *Indicates student author.

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