• Social Impact

  • We as Solestre will have a lasting influence on not only the environment but on society as a whole. As you might know, fossil fuels are extremely harmful for the environment and the human being. Burning fossil fuels emits a number of air pollutants that can cause humans to suffer from respiratory problems, cancer and more. Jeffrey Sachs made it blatantly clear that there are approximately only 25 years of fossil fuels left. In this day in age we live luxurious lives with easy access to electricity for our home and gas for our cars. What are we going to do when it all runs out? With our proprietary patented device the Solestre that robotically installs a solar coating on glass windows we can turn glass buildings into efficient solar generators of electricity. This can turn an entire corporate office building into a skyscraping solar generator. The younger generation is demanding companies have a significant social impact. With our technology, companies can appear to the public by boosting their corporate social responsibility, all while saving the environment and human health at the same time.

    Solestre not only will impact the environment in a beneficial way, but it will also help the community. Not only just by offering jobs and a discounted education, but offering the community advanced technical skills that will benefit them throughout life in a rapidly growing and exciting industry. We have identified the lack of skilled solar technicians to install panels and solar coatings as the true issue at hand, as the technology exists but just cannot be adopted on a wide scale. As this industry expands, there will be increased demand for technicians. With the solestre’s trade school, we will be allowing the community to take on this demand and hopefully will make Denver the hub for renewable energy technician education. Solestre hopes to provide jobs for the community through schooling as well as to spread education throughout the nation and eventually the world. We hope to bring in enough professionals in the industry and hold conferences to advance the renewable energy technology and the industry even further than where it currently stands today.

  • Outcomes

  • Hypothetically, after opening our vocational school, our trained technicians will be released into the solar industry with a proper understanding of the technicalities of solar energy and will be able to find work all over the country. The brand of Solestre will continue to grow as our certified graduates will expand the phenomenon of solar energy and we will continue to train more individuals for years to come. Our patented technology will transform the world of solar power as large commercial buildings will effectively be able to farm solar energy without aesthetically altering the original building. In effect, larger cities will be using less fossil fueled electricity and take a step closer to the transition towards solar energy.

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