Examples at DU of Comprehensive Teaching Evaluation

  • Comprehensive Teaching Evaluation Examples at DU

  • Many units across DU are exploring and implementing more balanced frameworks for evaluating teaching. Three examples are highlighted below.

  • Summary of DU Examples-Comprehensive Teaching Evaluation

  • Daniels College of Business

    Contact: Paul Olk

    The Daniels College of Business has been piloting a new approach to evaluating teaching based on four main categories of teaching performance: 

    • Meeting student needs (course design, challenge, alignment, teaching strategies, inclusivity, etc.) 
    • Meeting student expectations (student satisfaction through course rating forms)
    • Engaging in continuous improvement (course and curriculuar innovation, professional development around teaching, etc.)
    • Fulfilling teaching commitments (course preps, # of students, types of courses taught, student engagement outside classroom, etc.)

  • The Writing Program

    Contact: Doug Hesse

    The Writing Program has utilized an extensive process for evaluating teaching for many years as outlined in their faculty handbook. Teaching evaluation includes:

    • Reflection on teaching development - a 2-4 page written discussion of the past year's teaching 
    • Course design/Instructor feedback - upload syllabi and 3 commented student papers showing instructor feedback from each writing course taught
    • Instruction - course visit from the Director of writing
    • Student Experience - student course rating forms including questions specific to the writing program

  • Morgridge College of Education

    Contact: Norma Haffenstein

    The Morgridge College of Education is piloting an approach to teaching evaluation based on four areas:

    • Professionalism - demonstration of knowledge base, continuous improvement in teaching, reflective practices
    • Instruction - demonstration of multimodal teaching and educational standards reflected in content
    • Assessment of Learning - demonstration of student progress
    • Learning Environment - demonstration of student satsifaction and inclusive teaching practices

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