• Victim Offender Dialogue for Victims and Survivors of Violent Crime

    Victim Offender Dialogues have positive benefits for victims and survivors of violent crime. I've been funded by the National Institute of Justice to study the impacts of VOD on the health and wellness of crime victims and survivors in Colorado. My co-investigator Karen Albright and I lead a research team which works in close collaboration with the Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance, the Colorado Department of Corrections, the Colorado Division of Youth Services, and Colorado probation departments to examine the effects of VOD. This inquiry is tangled up with important questions about how and why victims and survivors access VOD, and what barriers stand in their way. 

  • Colorado's VOD Program

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    Read: Legislating Victim Offender Dialogue: A Value-Rich Policy Analysis in Victims and Offenders.

    Visit: Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance

    Visit: Colorado Department of Corrections

  • Colorado VOD Research Steering Committee

    December 10, 2017

  • (from left to right)
    Nancy Lewis, COVA
    Mary McGhee, COVA
    Spiro Koinis, Division of Youth Services
    Greg Brown, Chief Probation Officer
    Shannon Sliva, Principal Investigator
    Karen Albright, Co-Investigator
    Ceema Samimi, Research Assistant
    Not pictured: Monica Chambers, Dept of Corrections

  • Colorado High Impact VOD Programs Get a Boost

    April 13, 2017

    In 2011, Colorado state law created new opportunities for victims of crime in the form of High Impact Victim Offender Dialogues. High Impact VODs offer victims and survivors of serious, violent crimes the opportunity to meet face to face with the offender in their case for a facilitated dialogue process. The outcomes of these cases in the CO Department of Corrections have been overwhelmingly successful.

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