Astronomy & Physics Club

  • Description

    • The Astronomy and Physics Club = Society of Physics Students (SPS) is an AUSA chartered student group that meets regularly during the school year, and conducts a number of outreach activities to help spread appreciation for science among wider audiences, and is part of the national organization, .

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  • SPS Constitution

    • Amendments:

      Amendments passed:

      5/15/06: Nominations meeting each February; Elections meeting each March.

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  • Events

  • Current and Past Officers

    • DU Physics & Astronomy club -- Also known as the Society of Physics Students.


      Zone 14 [Colo-Wyo], SPS Chapter 1528, S.P.S. Chapter 028


      * * *

      Officers 2012/2013

       Prez: Michael Malatesta & Gail Coterill

      VP: Pierre Vincent; Stephanie Flores Treasurer, Becca Hollmann is At Large

      Officers 2011/12:

      Prez: Joe Rauch [joseph.rauch at]  

      V.P./Treas: Nick Williams [ nickolas.williams at]

      Prof. Siemens, SPS/SPS Advisor [msiemens at]

      Prof. Stencel, SPS/SPS Emeritus Advisor [rstencel at]

      * * * * *


      2010/11: Naomi Pequette'11; Nick Williams'12 

      2009/10: Nathan McNew'10; Naomi Pequette'11

      2008/09: Penny Osborne'09; Aaron Bradley'09, Nathan McNew'10

      2007/08: Matt Dahl'08, Aaron Bradley'09, Priyanka Nandoor'09

      2006/07: Matt Dahl'08 & Aaron Bradley'09

      2005/06: Rachel Matson'06 & Matt Dahl'08;

      2004/05: Jeff Stout'05 [Rhodes Scholar] & Dan DeLeo'05


      have been FIRST TUES.MONTHLY * 545pm * Marlar Phys313 (date may vary)

      Observatory night(s): TBA (9pm)

      Topics will include: SPS activities this quarter, Elitch's phys night prep, summer research internships, T-shirts, website & more!

      Links to USG/AUSA and our SPS Constitution 

      DU telescope access -- and -- -- a phun phys site 


  • Meetings

    • Meetings have previously occured on the first Tuesday monthly during the quarter, held at 545pm in the third floor Marlar room at Physics & Astronomy, 2112 E. Wesley Ave., but email officers for updates.

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