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  • Courses

  • Capstone Seminar: Democratic Erosion (W 2018)

  • Capstone Seminar W2018. Professor Christopher Brown, DU's social science and reference technology integration libarian appears fourth from left, back row. As a collaborator on the Moreland project, he contributed significantly to the course.

  • ASEM: Identity Politics in Comparative Perspective, Winter 2019 & Fall 2019

    Seminar: Politicized "Ethnicity" In Comparative Perspective - PLSC 2700, Autumn Quarter, 2016; Winter Quarter 2019

    Political Inquiry - PLSC 2901-1, Winter Quarter, 2017  

    Seminar: Political Economy of Development - PLSC 2700-5, Winter Quarter, 2017 

    Comparing Politics Around the World, Fall 2017 & Winter 2018

    Seminar: Political Economy of Development: The Construction of Liberal Markets from Smith to Sachs, Fall 2017 

    International course development

    Advanced Seminar (ASEM) 2581, Interterm in Rwanda


  • Other teaching & mentorship at DU

  • Internship supervision

    Supervised Jazmin Bustillos's internship at Towards Justice, a community-based legal organization fighting wage theft, especially among immigrant workers. Congratulations, Jazmin, for winning a Kimmy Foundation Award for this and other community-engaged work! 

  • Undergraduate Research

    PINS 2017 - Supervised DU-funded undergraduate summer research by Andi Schlut and Jessica Garland on religion and politics in sub-Saharan Africa. Andi presented research at MPSA (2017) and the National Political Honors Society's annual conference in Washington D.C. (2018). 

  • Public Good Pathways: An e-Portfolio Independent Study

    Instructor participant in CCESL's Pathways to the Public Good Project, Winter-Spring, 2018. Independent study instructor for three former students. Each student develops an eportfolio that integrates their learning experiences, both within and outside of the classroom, and how these experiences have helped them develop a unique "public identity." Participated in CCESL-led trainings in eportflio technologies and reflective praxis.

    View my students' incredible e-portfolios here, here and here.

    Also, big congratulations to Andi Schlut and Cristin Espinoza for being named DU Distinguished Public Good Scholars (2018) based on this work! 

  • Democratic Erosion Course Report

  • Moreland Report, Spring 2018
  • Class Visitors

  • Credit SCC/Youtube:

  • Hassan Latif, Executive Director of the Second Chance Center, visits Political Inquiry Course

    Leadership and staff from the Second Chance Center visited "Political Inquiry" to hear student presentations and share thoughts about our research collaboration and final products. For more info on the SCC, see:

  • State Rep Visits Comparing Politics Course

    Assistant Majority Leader in the Colorado General Assembly, Rep. Alec Garnett, visited Intro to Comparative Politics in both Fall, 2017 and Winter, 2018 to talk about elections and civil society in Colorado. Garnett reprsents DU's district in the General Assembly. More info at:

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