SoTL Faculty Learning Community

SoTL Faculty Learning Community

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Faculty Learning Community

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Faculty Learning Community

  • Schedule

    • 2017-18 SoTL Events

      Due to  personnel changes within the OTL, we are not hosting regular FLC meetings during 2017-18. Plans are still being developed for future meetings! If you would like to join the email list and stay up to date, contact

      2017-2018 Events:

      Annual USAFA SoTL Forum - Oct 20, 2017

      OTL Keynote speaker and Faculty Showcase Reception - Feb 13, 2018



    • 2016-17 FLC Schedule

      All sessions held in the OTL Conference Room (345 AAC) unless otherwise noted




       Sept 19, 1-2:30 Chan Classroom

      SoTL Kick off/ What is SoTL?


       Oct 19, 1-2 pm

      Identifying SoTL projects/Research questions

      Principles of Good Practice in SoTL, Peter Felten

      (If time, The Scholarship of Teaching, What's the Problem? Randy Bass

      Brainstorm at least three SoTL research questions

       Nov 3

      USAFA SoTL Forum in Colorado Springs – field trip!

      Submit name by end of Sept

       Nov 16, 1-2 pm

      Human Subjects Research/IRB protocols

      Guest: Mary Travis, Director of Research Integrity and Education

      Ch 4, Generating the research idea, in Engaging in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. (PDF found in Resources tab)

      The “Curse of Knowledge,” or Why Intuition About Teaching Often Fails, Carl Wieman

      Bring revised research question(s)

       Dec 8, 2-3:30 pm

       The Role of Theoretical Frameworks in Education Reserach 

       No pre-reading

       Jan 18, 1-2:30 pm

      Research Design Workshopping session -  Bring your ideas and we will construct possible projects.

       Bring 1-3 ideas for research questions 

      Browse through Ch 5, Designing the Study from Clark & Deitz-Uhler (found in Resources tab)

       Tues, Feb 7, 4-6 pm (The Loft in AAC)

      SoTL Poster Session and Reception during OTL’s Teaching and Learning Week


       Feb 15, 1-2:30 pm

      Literature Reviews - searching for educational literature, SoTL Journals and conferences

      Guest: Anna Harper from University Libraries

       Find one SoTL article in your discipline/interest area to share 

       April 5, 1:30-3:00

      Action Research

      Guest: Paul Michalec, Morgridge College of Education


       April 19, 1-2:30 

      Survey Design and Quantitative Data Analysis

      Guests: Mike Furno and Christopher Pena, Institutional Research


       May 10, 1-2:30 

      Demystifying Qualitative Data Analysis

      Guest: Casey Dinger



  • Stipends

    • Faculty members who complete SoTL projects as part of the SoTL FLC will be eligible to receive modest stipends, currently awarded based on two milestones.


      First Stipend

      A first stipend of $500 is provided to members who regularly attend FLC meetings and submit a proposal for a SoTL project (including IRB approval if necessary).

      To receive the stipend:

      1. Write a short project proposal/plan that includes: the issue/problem you are addressing, the literature you will explore, your research question/objective, the design/methodology to be used, and a proposed timeline.
      2. Complete the IRB determination form to see if your project needs IRB approval and submit it to (most projects will be considered exempt). Within 10 days you will receive a letter with your determination.
      3. Complete the CITI Human Subjects Research training module. You will receive an email certifying your completion.
      4. Send a copy of your research proposal/plan, your IRB determination letter, and your CITI training certificate to


      Second Stipend

      A second stipend of $500 is provided to members who are active in the FLC and who present the results of a completed SoTL project to the DU community.

      To receive the stipend:

      1. Complete your SoTL project!
      2. Arrange with Bridget Arend to showcase your project at a DU or OTL event, faculty showcase, or online blog.


      SoTL Travel Awards

      SoTL FLC members who have completed a SoTL project as part of the FLC are eligible to apply for travel support to present their research/scholarship. Priority will be given to active SoTL FLC members who are presenting their SoTL/teaching projects at a teaching-focused conference. Funding of up to $500 is available for eligible travel expenses once per academic year. Recipients will be asked to share their project with the broader DU community.

      To request funding, send an email to that includes:

      • Your name and department
      • Title of the project/research/scholarship piece you will be presenting
      • Name, location, dates of the conference
      • Confirmation of your acceptance to present at the conference (email confirmation or conference program)
      • Anticipated costs not covered by other funding sources
      We will make every attempt to let you know the status of your travel support application within one week.
  • Purpose

    • The purpose of the SoTL FLC is to provide support and structure to faculty interested in becoming active SoTL scholars.  Members of the learning community will engage in regular discussion about specific SoTL projects that they are developing.

      The SoTL FLC will meet regularly throughout the academic year.  To get the most from the community, you should plan to attend as many meetings as you can.

  • Feb 2017 Poster Reception

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