• LabVIEW Certified Developer

    I earned this certification through my university's IEEE club in November of 2016. I've coded several complete applications for my research lab, as well as improved the speed and reliability of existing measurement programs. Since September 2018 I've worked as an independent contractor for Applied Sonics Inc., developing applications for the novel measurement devices designed by Dr. Wesley Cobb.

  • Machine Shop Certification

    In Spring of 2017 I was finally able to secure one of the exclusive 12 spots in Engineering Machine Shop. In addition to teaching me the ins and outs of standard machinist's tools such as the lathe and mill, this course earned me the right to return to the machine shop in my university's new engineering building to work on future projects. I have since produced a variety of aluminum parts for use in my research lab, including the water cooling block (uncapped) and sample holders pictured. More information about how these parts are used is available on the "Physics Research" page.

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