• Long Term Goals

  • Actions to implement over the next 1-2 years

    1. Audit the security of all data gathering systems on campus and adopt secure tools and systems where they do not exist
    1. Devise a naturalization program that provides comprehensive resources and assistance to immigrant students, staff, contract workers, and faculty who are lawful permanent residents, and international faculty and postdoctoral scholars, to become citizens in an expeditious fashion. DU should provide English and citizenship classes, and financial assistance to cover naturalization fees, in addition to legal support for those seeking naturalization efforts
    1. Take the lead among universities in Colorado on filing amicus briefs and join the more than a dozen universities that have already filed a legal challenge to President Trump’s immigration executive orders
    1. If a student is deported or detained, DU will allow for extension—or ability to finish classes remotely
      1. In addition, DU should establish relationships with universities outside of the US if some of its students are deported. In Mexico, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) has established relationships with certain universities in the US to provide education in the event of students being deported. DU should establish similar relations with UNAM and other universities

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