• Short Term Goals

  • Immediate actions

    1. Communicate to all personnel on campus the proper procedures to follow in the event that they are contacted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or any other government agency with requests for information about members of the DU community


    1. Form a task force, comprised of experts in the following areas:
      1. Immigration law;
      2. Protection of student/staff/faculty information;
      3. Human resources/staff/service workers;
      4. Student outreach/community organizer/communications;
      5. Support services and counseling;
      6. Muslim student/staff/faculty advocate;
      7. Campus security expert
        1. The goal of this task force will be to oversee the operationalization and implementation of the DU’s overarching response to the new threats to international, DACA, and undocumented community members. They will also report back to #DUSanctuary (we also have a list of suggested members)


    1. Provide financial and institutional support for the establishment of the Office of Immigrant Community Protection and Support (ICPS), drafted by members of the Constitutional Campus Working Group (a copy of the ICPS’s proposal is provided below)
      1. ICPS would provide legal and social support to noncitizen members of the DU community, connecting community members to essential resources both on campus and off. Additionally, ICPS would work for positive change and serve as a resource for noncitizens in the wider Colorado community, recognizing that the DU community does not end at the campus’s edge. DU cannot offer meaningful protection and support to the noncitizen members of its community without engaging with the Denver and Colorado community to which DU and its community members belong


    1. Create an emergency fund to support students, faculty, and staff affected by current and future immigration executive orders. These funds will help with legal fees, airline tickets, representation while abroad, DACA renewal fees, and other expenses incurred due to changes in immigration law
      1. DU should also provide tuition support for students most affected by the policies coming out of Washington (including, but not limited to, students affected by the Muslim ban, queer students, trans students, and undocumented/DACA status students)


    1. Provide financial support to the Sturm College of Law, in order to establish as quickly as possible, while keeping intact current hiring lines and priorities and without prejudicing or impacting those existing lines and priorities and without prejudice to the Strategic Plan of the College of Law, an immigration law school clinic within the Student Law Office, and consistent with the clinical model of education currently in place within the Student Law Office, to include:
      1. Establishing and funding tenure-track and clinical teaching fellow positions in the College of Law, consistent with the existing clinical model, to supervise students in the immigration clinic;
      2. Allocating funds to the College of Law budget to be earmarked for litigation, expert, and other expenses of the immigration clinic;
      3. To the extent it is consistent with the model of education and the intake screening procedures of the Student Law Office (including but not limited to screening for conflicts and financial eligibility for free legal services), and the design of the immigration clinic as determined by the supervising professors of the immigration clinic, the immigration clinic should provide opportunities for students to receive legal counseling, representation in immigration matters, and referrals to other counsel as deemed appropriate by the supervising professors of the immigration clinic


    1. Pledge that DU will not allow ICE officers to operate on campus without a judicial warrant, and campus security shall not enforce immigration law. But in the event that immigration officials do come on campus, DU should provide a secure space for students, staff, and faculty to go to (such as a dorm). This space should include bathroom facilities, cooking facilities, and be secured from the inside
      1. In addition, this space should be available for students who do not feel safe traveling over college breaks;
        1. Relatedly, DU should establish some form of communication with the university, such as a text messaging warning system, in the event that immigration officials are on campus

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