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  • 2012 Dissertation Results

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    The bright star epsilon Aurigae eclipses every 27 years for nearly 2 years. The current 2009-2011 event was rich in research opportunities (see list of recent publications on main page).  We made use of a wide array of ground based and space based telescopes to provide new insights into the nature of this enigmatic binary. Prior eclipses included 1983, 1956, 1929 and prior, where the nature of the eclipsing object was deduced, but firmly demonstrated by our interferometric imaging during 2009 and 2010.

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  • Breaking news on Twitter

    Keep up with the eclipse campaign by monitoring real time updates on twitter.com/epsilon_Aurigae

    See also papers on arXiv and May 2009 issue Sky & Telescope.

  • Eclipse Monitoring Status

  • Image Gallery for epsilon Aurigae
  • Infrared Astronomy

  • Projects in infrared observational astrophysics:
    -- Spitzer photometry and spectra of epsilon Aur
    -- Spitzer imaging of mass loss from highly evolved stars (MLHES)
    -- AKARI studies of MLHES, joint with Dr. Ueta
    -- IRTF MIRSI photometry of epsilon Aur
    -- PTI evolved star data (van Belle)
    -- J&H band photometry of evolved stars
    -- VLTI MIDI data
    -- additional new projects

    If interested, contact Prof. Stencel, 409 P&A
  • Adventures in Interferometry

  • apjl081006accepted.pdf

    PTI pre-eclipse measurements of epsilon Aur (2008 ApJL)

  • Monnier2003Tutorial.pdf

    Interferometry tutorial paper, Monnier 2003 Rev. Prog. Phys.

  • Telescopes and Instrumentation

  • Mt. Evans observatory instrument upgrades
    Student Astronomy Lab telescope control development
    infrared instrumentation

    Contact Prof. Stencel, 409 P&A
  • Other projects

  • OUTREACH via DU's historic Chamberlin Observatory and Wings Museum/SpaceGrant:
    see webpages www.du.edu/~rstencel/Chamberlin  and www.du.edu/~rstencel/sps



    Contact Prof. Stencel, 409 P&A

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