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  • MP3 Files

  • A solo guitar sonata in three movements (Labyrinth, Icarus, Daedalus) recorded in concert by Jonathan Leathwood.

  • In the Eyes, a Silver Dagger.mp3
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    'In the Eyes, a Silver Dagger – Four Tableaux from García Lorca's Blood Wedding' , a symphonic score, has been chosen as one of the Runner-up Winners in the 2008 Realize Music Challenge Competition. Listen to the mp3 of the MIDI file, produced with the NOTION Music Software, sponsors of the competition.

    The judges for this international competition were three prominent American composers, John Corigliano, Carter Burwell and Lawrence Dillon.

    "Gorgeous writing. Your dances are sublime...The build to the end is fantastic." John Corigliano, commenting on the score 

  • Triptico Criollo I: Raquel
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  • Triptico Criollo II: Carolina
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  • Triptico Criollo III: Camila
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  • This live recording of Triptico Criollo features Lamont faculty and Colorado Symphony concertmaster Yumi Hwang-Williams (violin) and the composer (guitar)
  • Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra (Tiempo Muerto)
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    A live recording of the premiere performance with the composer as soloist, and the Cheyenne Symphony Orchestra conducted by Steven Alltop, January 27, 2001

  • Gran Guaguanco.mp3
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    This duo for cello and guitar was written for cellist Richard von-Foerster and guitarist Jonathan Leathwood, my colleagues at the Lamont School of Music, who performed it on the May 4, 2009 concert of my chamber music, at the Newman Center. You may also watch a video of this performance, under the Videos tab.

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