• Prototyping

    From the many gamify ideas, our team settled on a drain concept that would encourage users to empty their bottles and cups before recycling them, as well as an interactive game that would teach people to remove the lids from their bottles before recycling them as they are different types of plastic from the bottle and as such need to be separated.

  • Drain Idea
    Drain Idea

    This idea involved a five gallon bucket to collect the fluid, a funnel, a clear tube to transfer the fluid from the funnel to the bucket and a supporting frame make with a PVC pipe with wood arms. The purpose of this prototype is to encourage users to pour the remnants of their drink into the funnel, watch the fluid circle the tubing and then recycle their cup or bottle. The hope is that the circling of the tube is associated with concepts such as rollercoasters or amusement parks and thus makes the emptying of drinks more enjoyable so as to encourage users to take part in this practice in other locations.

  • Launcher Game
    Launcher Game

    The launcher game prototype was made out of wood and was designed to fit on top of the indoor campus bins. The handle for the launcher was 3D printed and the front side of the case was acrylic. The purpose of this game is to encourage the removal of bottle lids before recycling, since the plastic used in lids and bottles are often different and thus will need to be sorted before the recycling process can begin. To play the game a user will remove the lid from their bottle and insert the lid in the game. The lid will slide down a couple of ramps before the user will spin a handle launching the lid over a peg to ‘score.’ The lid will then roll down a third ramp and exit the game so that both the lid and the bottle can now be recycled. By connecting the removal of bottle lids to an interactive game the hope is to drive users to care about the separation of plastics when possible, so that the recycling process in a recycling plant can be made easier.

  • Signage
  • Feedback

    Once each of the prototypes were constructed they were tested by potential users for feedback. The following is a summary of their responses.


    • Users responded to the drain with positive comments
    • Fun and creative idea
    • Appearance of the drain could be improved
    • Takeaway was easily identified and users liked the signage

    Bottle Cap Launcher

    • The game was fun and engaging and wanted to play again
    • Takeaway from the game could be clearer or more emphasized
    • It looks cool
    • Message could be made more clear through better signage and the use of statistics

    Stakeholders Response

    • The bucket needs to be bigger on the drain prototype to accommodate more fluid and reduce the number of times it would need to be emptied
      • Possibly use a full size can
    • The drain prototype should be on wheels to facilitate the emptying of the bucket
  • Final Prototypes
    Final Prototypes

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