• Introduction

    Special Topics: Design Thinking in the Community is a class based on solving real world problems using a design thinking approach. It is aimed at empowering engineering students to develop a design skill set with emphasis on human centered design with creative confidence.

    For our project we chose to direct our attention towards the recycling process and its faults. Not only looking at how the recycling process can be made more effective, but working to involve potential users on a more consistent manner. Whether it is focusing on reducing confusion or doing a better job in engaging potential users, we believe there is room for improvement. We plan to make recycling more effective by interactively engaging the user in the process of using an innovative recycling bin. 

  • Team Members

  • Kyle Sun
    Kyle Sun

    I am a 4th year mechanical engineering student, with interests in sustainable processes/energy. I think that the biggest problem with current recycling methods is user confusion, through no fault of their own. Several items that should get recycled are ending up in the landfill, while items that shouldn't be recycled are being placed in a recycling bin contaminating the recyclable items already in the bin. I think that there is plenty of room for improvement, whether through new bins, new ways of spreading correct processes or some other method.

  • Anthony Augelli
    Anthony Augelli

    I am 4th year Mechanical and Materials Engineering student in the Ritchie School of Engineering. I have interest in sustainable practices especially in manufacturing, energy, and materials processing. I believe recycling and trash separation is inefficient with the recycling contamination problem which exists today. An innovative recycling system is needed to provide more empathetic incentives for users to separate waste properly so community members are more likely to participate.

  • Current Recycling in the Ritchie School
    Current Recycling in the Ritchie School

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