Becky Brice

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    • I am fascinated by hazardous Earth processes that not only entice our interest but also challenge our fragile, precarious human condition.  I have a strong desire participate in the discussion about how we as a society view ourselves and the ways that we interact with the landscape around us when nature is at its extremes.  I am driven toward a greater understanding of the full potential of Earth’s physical processes, specifically the interplay between earth and atmosphere.  Research in this area will guide our personal, regional and governmental choices toward a more balanced understanding of our landscape and the human role within it.  

      As I look to the future, I am keenly focused on the connection between the frequency of extreme natural events and how these relate to our changing climate.  Understanding natural hazards and developing ways to forecast disastrous geologic and atmospheric events is crucial as climate fluctuations increase in occurrence and intensity.  Impacts of climate change are at the forefront of many disciplines within the scope of Earth Systems Science such as biogeography, climatology, and geomorphology.

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    • Dendrochronology in Guatemala
    • Climate Change Internship RMNP
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    • North Atlantic Field Course
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