• QT Spectrums:

    Fostering Inclusivity & Community In & Out of the Classroom

  • The Name: QT Spectrums

    • Queer & Trans* Spectrums represents the founding members' desire to represent a broad range of identities while explicitly referencing our community. The group acknowledges that this community is constantly evolving and redefining itself, and welcomes all individuals who connect with the tenets of this group.


    The Details: QT Spectrums was born of the desire to provide support to the LGBTGEQIAP+ community within the Morgridge College of Education through connection and collaboration related to personal and professional identities, networking, scholarship, and areas for growth. It is a student-focused, student-driven group, currently facilitated by an in-group faculty member. It is open to all Morgridge College of Education students who identify with the community and its goals. Engagement in the group can take place at whatever level of involvement feels comfortable for you.

  • The Acronym: LGBTGEQIAP+ (SAIGE, 2021)

    • L = Lesbian
    • G = Gay
    • B = Bisexual
    • T = Trans, Transgender; & Two-Spirit (2S; Native Identity)
    • GE = Gender Expansive
    • Q = Queer; & Questioning
    • I = Intersex
    • A = Agender; Asexual & Aromantic
    • P = Pansexual; Pan/Polygender; & Poly Relationship Systems
    • + = We continue to be Inclusive of Other Related Identities by Being Committed to Ever-Expanding, Learning, & Growing the Acronym and Our Understanding of These Identities

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