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  • Welcome to DU Pre-Law Advising!

  • Pre-Law Advising has officially become part of DU Career & Professional Development as of Summer 2020. This portfolio site is currently under revision; please be aware that content may have moved to new pages as we work on updating this site.

  • Looking for academic advising or law admissions?

    DU Pre-Law Advising focuses on exploring the legal profession, deciding to attend law school, and applying to law school. Additional information can be found from campus partners including:

  • Sign Up for the Pre-Law List

    Are you a current DU pre-law student? Are you interested in going to law school? Let us know! Please fill out this pre-law interest form today to be added to the NEW pre-law list. Benefits include receiving email updates related to pre-law, as well as the ability to easily schedule pre-law advising appointments via the PCO platform.

    Even if you have already met with a pre-law advisor, please fill out the form.

  • Click here for information about upcoming Digital LSAC Law School Forums

    Upcoming Law School Info Sessions

  • Wondering how to determine if law school is right for you? Want to know how to differentiate yourself among the sea of applicants to a law school admissions representative? Curious about different practice areas, but not sure where to start? Not sure what attorneys do, and don’t know any? Already accepted to law school, but unsure about how to finance your legal education?

    DU Pre-Law Advising Is For You!

    At the University of Denver, Pre-Law Advising provides guidance for students from all majors who are interested in applying to law-related graduate programs.

    Pre-law support begins in the first year and continues through all undergraduate years, and even after graduation. The goal of advising is to support students in preparing for professional school and building the most competitive application/resume possible.

    Law school admission is competitive. The four major criteria are:

    1. GPA and level of difficulty of coursework.
    2. LSAT score - the Law School Admission Test provides a standard measure of acquired reading and verbal reasoning skills., i.e., it is a test of skills, not specific knowlege.
    3. Personal statement - this is an essay in which the applicant describes their personal stories including experiences, accomplishments and goals.
    4. Letters of Recommendation - both academic references and those who have supervised the applicant in a significant internship or law related positon are preferred.
  • Studying Pre-Law at DU

  • DU does not offer a pre-law major or minor. We encourage students to take full advantage of the inherent flexibility, breadth, and depth of the DU curriculum in order to develop traits that are necessary for a potential career in law: strong critical and analytical skills; the ability to think, write, and speak clearly and effectively; and a mature understanding of moral and ethical issues.

    Pre-Law Advising supports all pre-law students across campus. Your undergraduate major does not determine whether you can be accepted into law school. Law schools are interested in highly motivated students with an interest in understanding the law, regardless of the student's particular major. Academic accomplishment and demonstrated leadership are far more important than any particular major. 

  • Suggested Majors/Minors for Pre-Law

    Although your major discipline does not matter to law schools, if you have room in your degree here at DU, you can meet with your Academic Advisor to see if you could add a minor or second major in the follwing areas. If you are not interested in or don't have room for a full double major or minor in the above disciplines, you can look to take electives in these categories. 

    These diciplines are heavy in reading and writing, which will be beneficial for you while in law school. 

    1. Minor: Business Ethics & Legal Studies
    2. Major or Minor: Korbel School - Public Policy or International Studies
    3. Major or Minor: Socio-Legal Studies
    4. Major or Minor: Political Science
    5. Major or Minor: Criminology
    6. Major or Minor: History
    7. Major or Minor: Philosophy
    8. Major or Minor: Sociology 
    9. Major or Minor: English & Literary Arts
    10. Major or Minor: Religious Studies
    11. Minor: Writing Practices
    12. Daniels College of Busiess: Majors & Minors

    When Law School Admissions Officers read your law school report, they are more concerned with the TYPES of classes you took than with a declared major. Taking classes at the 2XXX and 3XXX level will serve you best.

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