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  • Commnon Core and Inner Core

  • Soul and Role Dialogues in Higher Education

  • Transforming Discussions from Collegiate to Collegial

  • Faith and the Spiritual Dimensions of Teaching

  • blackbird breath
    blackbird breath
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  • Dry Dust of Educational Reform

  • Respect and Learning

  • Theological Essays on Teaching

  • I wrote the following essays on the interface between theology and education during the pursuit of a Master's of Theological Studies at Iliff School of Theology

  • Learning, Transcendence, and Humaness

  • Either-Or

  • Ecclesiology in Higher Education

  • Celtic Spirituality and Education Reform

  • The Ineffable in Teaching

  • Spiritual Formation of Teachers

  • Teachers as Mystagogues

  • Being Human; Being a Teacher.pdf

  • Mystic Journey.pdf

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  • maple leaf
    maple leaf

    I wrote these essays for the online journal EnCouragement published by the Center for Courage and Renewal www.couragerenewal.org 

    The target audience for each essay are recent participants in Courage retreats.  The format is a brief reflection on a theme and invitation for the reader to do some deep personal work around a piece of poetry.

  • Summer's Abundance

  • Listening for Your Soul

  • Winter's Grace

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